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Summary: So, my friends all got Botox, should I too? That’s a question we commonly hear around these parts, so we thought we’d take some time to try to answer it. The way we think about it, the most important person involved in making this decision is you. It’s going to depend on how you feel about Botox injections and what you’re trying to accomplish with your treatments. It even depends on whether or not you’re actually a good candidate!

My Friends All Got Botox, Should I Too?

I’m not one to usually follow the leader, as it were, but my friends all got Botox, should I too? I only ask because the results seem to be good (though it’s hard to tell for sure). They all look just a little bit younger and they talk about how much more confident they feel. And, in a way, I feel like I’m missing out. So should I get Botox like they did?

This type of question is not altogether uncommon. There are many people out there who see their friends and family getting Botox, almost regardless of age. Botox has caught on with Millennials, for example, because some evidence shows that it actually prevents the formation of wrinkles.

We tend to be skeptical of the notion of getting cosmetic surgery in groups. It’s common enough, but it’s not necessarily right for everyone. And we’re even more skeptical of peer pressure leading one to get any given procedure. Any decision to get cosmetic surgery should be your and yours alone–free from any kind of pressure. But if you’re seeing results on your friends and thinking, “I want that, too,” that’s another matter.

So the answer to this question of “my friends all got Botox, should I too” really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

What Can Botox Accomplish?

The first question you should really be asking yourself about getting Botox is pretty simple: am I a good candidate? You’ll want to take a look at what you want the actual outcome to be and then whether or not Botox can actually do that. In other words, you should ask yourself: can Botox solve my problems?

Frankly, it’s entirely possible your friends had other problems. Botox works, essentially, by interfering with your muscle’s ability to receive signals from your brain in a very targeted and low-key way. Botox works because there are certain wrinkle types and formations that are caused by muscle contractions.

Essentially a muscle contracts, gets stuck that way, and then a wrinkle is formed. Common wrinkles of this type tend to be frown (or smile) lines, concentration lines, and so on. If you find yourself with an abundance of these types of wrinkle and lines, Botox might be a good choice.

It Doesn’t Have to be Botox

But Botox isn’t your only option. Indeed, everyone’s face is different and, thus, everyone’s face ages differently. It could be that you don’t have very many of those muscle-controlled wrinkles. That’s not going to mean your face is totally smooth. Sometimes you develop wrinkles because your face is losing volume.

Or, rather, because gravity stretches out your skin–so it seems like you’re losing volume. If this i the case, you’re going to want to go with an injectable dermal filler. Fillers do precisely what their name says: they fill volume in your face. And there are plenty of filler options, from Juvederm to Bellafill to Voluma and so on.

It could be that, if you want to get rid of wrinkles or lines, a dermal filler is going to be a better option than Botox. Much will depend on where your wrinkles and lines have come from.

Peer Pressure and Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve spent a lot of time on the long answer to this question, and now it’s time to get down to the short answer. The short answer is, simply, no, you should not get Botox just because your friends got Botox.

  • You shouldn’t feel compelled to get Botox to “fit in”
  • Peer pressure usually isn’t a great reason to get Botox either
  • If you don’t need Botox, you shouldn’t get Botox

After all, for all you know, your friends were getting Botox to look more like you! But here’s what we will say. If you’ve always wanted Botox and you’re impressed by the results your friends got–then you can feel good about getting your own Botox treatment.

Results Will Vary

But here’s the other thing to keep in mind: just because your friends’ results were impressive is no guarantee that yours will be. Sure, we like to hope for the best around here–and the vast majority of Botox procedures will yield fantastic results.

But it’s not guaranteed. To be frank, your results might be slightly different than your friends’ results. That’s just because all humans are, you know, unique individuals. The best way to find out what Botox is going to be able to do for you is to schedule a consultation with a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon or medical spa practice.

When you get individual attention, you’ll know whether you should go ahead with a Botox treatment. And that’s a good rule of thumb for those more social Botox affairs (such as group Botox or Botox parties). Always make sure you get individual attention.

So if you’re thinking, my friends all got Botox, should I too, the most important question to ask yourself is this: do I want Botox? That should be the start of your conversation.

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