who gets a non surgical nose job in 2018

Summary: Who gets a non surgical nose job in 2018? Well, it turns out: a lot of people do. This procedure was introduced in the early 2000’s, and since that introduction, the non surgical nose job has been tearing it up. It’s more popular than ever and has spawned a whole line of non surgical alternative procedures. That’s why we take a look at who’s getting a non surgical nose job these days.

Who Gets a Non Surgical Nose Job in 2018?

There are all kinds of audiences for every type of cosmetic surgery, but who gets a Non Surgical Nose Job in 2018? We don’t mean that question to be dismissive of the non surgical rhinoplasty, of course. That’s a procedure that has revolutionized cosmetic surgery. It was truly one of the first cosmetic surgery procedures that was marketed as a kind of non surgical alternative to an otherwise invasive procedure.

And to be sure, the non surgical nose job is still going strong. The procedure was introduced in the early 2000’s, and since then it’s found a significant niche helping patients achieve better noses without the need for surgery (better in the patient’s opinion, anyway).

What we really mean by this question, by asking who gets a non surgical nose job in 2018, is more interrogative. We really want to know who this procedure has been popular with over the last ten years or so and who it’s popular with right this moment. Because the popularity of the non surgical nose job has not waned. The procedure is more in demand than ever, available in ever more venues than at any point since its introduction. So who still gets a non surgical nose job in 2018? Let’s find out!

If You Can’t Have Surgery, You Might Go Non Surgical

Obviously, the first group of people who are undergoing a non surgical nose job are those who cannot, for whatever reason, undergo a surgical procedure. There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to avoid surgery, after all:

  • Some patients do not respond well to anesthesia. And if you’re undergoing a surgical rhinoplasty you’ll definitely need anesthesia. A non surgical nose job, on the other hand, relies on a topical application of a numbing agent (in some cases, little more than ice).
  • Other patients do not respond well to another aspect of the surgical process. In some cases, it’s even as simple as an aversion to surgery generally speaking–sometimes people just don’t want to undergo surgery as a general rule. Whatever the case, there are plenty of people who just aren’t good candidates for surgery.
  • Some patients have health issues that prevent them from undergoing any type of surgery. Whether it’s a history of tobacco use or an issue with blood pressure, there are plenty of health issues that can make a few injections a much safer alternative to surgery.

And when you aren’t a good candidate for surgery, a non surgical rhinoplasty becomes your best bet.

If You’re Young, You Might Consider Non Surgical

The other group that’s going for non surgical nose job in a big way is younger patients. In fact, there are many of those patients that are documenting their procedure in YouTube. (It’s a practice that used to be called vlogging. These days, I’m not quite sure what it’s called.) The point is that non surgical nose job tends to be quite popular with Millennials and those are that age group.

There are several good reasons for this:

  • Millennials are often hesitant to make permanent changes to the nose (at least, not without taking them for a “test drive” first)
  • Having grown up in the age of Botox, Millennials are also relatively comfortable with the idea of injectables. This makes the non surgical nose job a more tempting option.
  • Generally speaking, Millennials are investing in cosmetic surgery; there have been countless news stories about how younger people are even putting off buying homes in order to keep up appearances (cosmetically speaking).

The Benefits of Non Surgical Nose Job

All of this can be boiled down pretty simply to this: if you see the benefits of a non surgical nose job, you’re going to be more likely to get one in 2018. That theory will likely hold true into the future: the non surgical nose job in 2019 will likely continue to be an exceptionally popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

In large part, that’s because the appeal of a non surgical nose job is quite broad. By that I simply mean that many people from different walks of life and for different reasons will likely seek out this procedure. Who gets a non surgical nose job in 2018 might be slightly different than who gets one in 2019, but the general idea will still be the same.

And that idea is this: non surgical nose job is popular for a reason. Until an even more effective and even less invasive option somehow becomes available, I don’t see the non surgical nose job going anywhere in the near future. It’s here to stay!

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