Summary: The eyelid lift procedure is becoming a popular way to look more youthful and to ensure that you’re able to see as well as you possibly can.

Thinking About an Eyelid Lift in 2016?

If you’re getting an eyelid lift in 2016, how do you know if you’re getting the procedure for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. The answer might be a little more difficult to figure out than you would initially suspect. With most surgical procedures, there is a definite reason for that procedure, and it’s usually either an aesthetic reason or a therapeutic or reconstructive reason. But the nature of eyelids drooping can make the waters a little murkier, and that can mean some complications when it comes to dealing with your insurance company. It might be helpful, then, to discuss why some patients seek out eyelid lift procedures.

There are two basic reasons why patients undergo eyelid surgery. The first is a cosmetic reason: essentially, they want the eyes to look more vibrant and alert. The second reason is a therapeutic reason: they want the eyelid tissue to be removed so they can see better. There are, of course, benefits to each approach, though the results may or may not be the same (to a certain extent). Let’s take a look at those motivations, those benefits, and why the difference might matter (at least, why it might matter to your insurance company).

Benefits of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Having excess skin around your eyelids can lead to several cosmetic and aesthetic issues. This excess skin can accumulate quickly (or at least, seem to) and, therefore, it can suddenly appear as though you have a large amount of wrinkles. This can make you look older than you feel, worn out, and tired or sad. In other words, your eyes will no longer reflect who you really are. For that reason, many patients elect to undergo eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons. And the results are quite beneficial.

In fact, the benefits of cosmetic eyelid surgery include the following:

  • You will look more youthful
  • You will look more energetic
  • You will not look as sad or as angry
  • Your overall appearance may begin to look more youthful
  • Looking more youthful may give you more energy and vitality
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

There are other, tangential benefits as well. However, the basic motivating factor for most aesthetic cosmetic eyelid lift patients is that they want to look more youthful. According to the website of the Tysons Corner, VA eyelid surgery experts at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, this procedure is relatively easy on patients—both in terms of time and in terms of recovery, making the end results quite powerful.

Benefits of Therapeutic Eyelid Surgery

But beauty isn’t the only reason people get eyelid surgery. As the excess tissue accumulates around the eyelid, sometimes it can begin to block your vision. This can create a hazard and a nuisance to many patients. In cases where the eyelid tissue is blocking vision, we typically refer to eyelid surgery as being “therapeutic” in nature. These are the cases that most medical insurance companies will cover (depending on your coverage, of course).

There are obviously benefits to any therapeutic eyelid surgery:

  • The ability to see more and to see better
  • More light enters the eyes
  • You may appear more alert or more aware
  • All of the benefits of cosmetic eyelid surgery
  • A lower out of pocket cost due to insurance involvement

Just as with cosmetic eyelid surgery, there are more benefits—and these benefits themselves are quite powerful. It’s also worth noting that there’s a significant overlap in the benefits of cosmetic and therapeutic eyelid surgery. In fact, there’s so much overlap that it can be difficult to separate the two, as there are relatively few cases where a cosmetic or a therapeutic procedure is the definitive one.

A Wide Variety of Benefits

That there is such an overlap between therapeutic and cosmetic eyelid surgery benefits reflect a general trend within cosmetic surgery. Patients want more bang for the buck—and that’s understandable. Cosmetic surgery is often an expensive process, and it’s important that results are worth it. So many plastic and cosmetic surgeons have invested time and energy into making procedures more “worth it.”

In some cases, this means procedures such as the “mommy makeover”—which combines several different procedures to generate an overall effect. In other cases, this means something like a fat graft procedure (where fat is removed from one area and placed somewhere more pleasing). In still others, it’s something like eyelid lift. Either way, patients are getting a wide range of benefits for many procedures—and that’s a good thing, especially if you’re getting an eyelid lift in 2016!

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