The year’s winding down and the holidays are almost upon us. With all the fun and interesting things to do, including planning and attending parties, don’t forget about taking care of your skin. As you’ll probably be outdoors often, it’s important to take some measures to not only protect your skin, but also to heal any sun damage that can occur. Here you’ll find some practical and effective holiday party skincare tips to heal your skin.

Apply Sunscreen Whenever You Are Out

Part of healing your skin is to prevent any further sun damage from occurring. During the holidays, when there’s so much travel and many activities, it’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen before you go outdoors. If your skin is already sun-damaged, it’s important to protect against any further damage before seeking out other healing remedies. Dermatologists suggest daily application of sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 and above.

Exfoliate Gently but Regularly

Sun-damaged skin is nothing more than layers of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that have been “burnt” to a different shade and texture from the rest of your skin. Picking the right exfoliating agents require that you consider your skin type – whether oily, dry or combination. The important thing to note is that it’s not only the exfoliating agents that matter, but also how often you exfoliate and your method of exfoliation.

Get your skin ready for the holiday party season by following these practical tips on how to heal sun-damaged skin. 

Laser Therapy for Stubborn Spots and Blemishes

For those spots and blemishes that do not respond to exfoliation, laser therapy may be an option. Age spots, freckles and melasma are all conditions related to sun-damaged skin, and laser treatments can help your skin regain a smoother, more vibrant complexion. Removal of dark patches and other blemishes may be achieved over a series of laser therapy sessions, encouraging healing of your sun-damaged skin.

Hydrate and Moisturize Well

This holiday party skincare tip is especially important, as most people forget to hydrate well during the holidays. Because of all the festive foods and drinks available, you may find you’re over-indulging in sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages. You won’t be doing your sun-damaged skin any favors this way. Drink plenty of water often and remember to moisturize your skin as well, too. Hydrating your skin from the inside to the outside should help support its healing.

Watch What You Eat

As the saying goes, we are what we eat, and what you eat may help your skin heal. Holiday parties are typically opportunities to binge on salty, sugary foods, so it may be worth skipping some of these party foods. Salty snacks and sugary drinks are especially notorious for lowering your body’s hydration levels, which affects your overall skin quality. Foods heavily-laden with hormones such as dairy and meat products are also worth cutting down on as your skin recovers. Foods like whole grains, leafy greens and other skin-healthy treats are a great alternative.

Amid all the parties and excitement, it can be easy to forget holiday skincare needs. This can lead to skin issues once the holidays are over, and recovery being a costly and lengthy process. If your skin already has some sun damage, following these holiday party skin care tips can help ensure you get through the holidays with vibrant looking skin.

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