Summary: We certainly haven’t strayed away from discussing celebrity plastic surgery on this site (though we like to think we use such discussions for a purpose). But all of these discussions about “possible” celebrity plastic surgery raises a good question: how do celebrities hide their plastic surgery secrets? That is, plastic surgery can leave a physical mark: how does one go about hiding the healing process? The answer to that question is one that will help all patients looking to keep their procedure discreet.

Keeping Your Plastic Surgery Secrets

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has been rumored to have gotten several plastic surgery procedures performed—most prominently, her lips and her breasts have been the centers of speculation. For her part, Jenner admits having had some lip injections performed over time, but denies any kind of breast enhancement procedure. We’re certainly not here to question Jenner. In fact, we’re here to support her. Many patients like having a high degree of privacy when it comes to their plastic surgery procedure. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is keeping plastic surgery secrets; rather, it means that many patients like a certain degree of discretion.

After all, most plastic surgery procedures are designed to look as natural as possible. Cluing people into your plastic surgery may defeat the purpose of an end result that blends seamlessly with your natural features. To be sure, there are some plastic surgery procedures that are designed to test the boundaries of a “natural” look—and there are some others yet that are definitely not designed to look natural. However, most patients are looking for results that blend in with the rest of their features. From breast augmentation to tummy tuck to facelift procedures, most patients want natural-looking results. In other words, most patients don’t want to look like they’ve had plastic surgery, they just want to look good.

How to Maintain Discretion After Surgery

Part of that process, then, is keeping your plastic surgery on the down-low. Most likely, you aren’t going to keep your plastic surgery a secret from your family (although that does happen in some cases). In fact, your friends and family may be vital to your recovery process. At the very least someone should be there with you while you recover from plastic surgery. In any event, just because your family knows doesn’t mean that everybody at your office has to know. So how do people keep their plastic surgery secrets? Much depends on the recovery period.

In fact, the results themselves will, by design, mostly blend seamlessly with your body. Your nose may look different, for example, but in a way that doesn’t draw attention to itself (indeed, just the opposite). So keeping attention away from plastic surgery is an activity that will, mostly, be confined to your recovery period. This means that you need to plan that recovery pretty well, especially when it comes to taking time off of work. To be sure, patients who have undergone any type of body surgery will have a slightly easier time of this.

Precautions to Take with Body Plastic Surgery

But there are still precautions to take. For example, body surgery will result in swelling. Breast augmentation will result in swelling, as will tummy tuck procedures and so on. If you don’t normally wear sweat pants to work, it may draw some unwanted attention if you start doing so, which means you’ll want to take some time off of work and wear your sweat pants at home. However, if your workplace is one of those few, wonderful places that let’s employees wear sweats, then there’s nothing stopping you.

Facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty or facelifts, is slightly more difficult to hide. These surgeries will, generally, leave scarring or swelling on the face (the area of the surgery, obviously). And while the scars will fade over time, the swelling will be quite noticeable for at least a couple of weeks after surgery. The most obvious solution is to take some time off work—at least a week long vacation. Some patients will schedule these procedures to coincide with an already scheduled holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Fourth of July. The extended weekend gives the patients an extra chance to get some healing done and diminish the swelling.

Plastic Surgery is Your Business Alone

Make-up should only be used in conjunction with your surgeon’s instructions. Some patients will be able to use make-up to hide bruising, for example, but that won’t be possible with every procedure. You will have to discuss make-up options with your plastic surgeon. But that’s a good discussion to have. If you’re looking to keep your plastic surgery on the confidential channel only, your plastic surgeon is the best person to suggest ways to hide your recovery from those who don’t need to know about your plastic surgery secrets.

Okay, I shouldn’t use the word secrets. It’s just a little more fun. At the end of the day, whether you get a breast augmentation in Houston or a tummy tuck in Los Angeles, you’re entitled to privacy. Which means that the only people that really need to know about your plastic surgery are you and your plastic surgeon. Even if you’re Kylie Jenner.

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