Summary: Some celebrities thrive on attention. That’s not a ding, just an observation. Some want privacy, some want interaction. Among the latter seems to be Kim Zolciak, who has lately been sharing images of her breast augmentation procedure. These images are, of course, flattering, and they also reflect a certain truth with breast augmentation procedures: in those who want them and then get them, there’s a definite rise in some of the breast augmentation benefits—self-confidence, self-esteem, quality of life. These all seem to improve. We can’t let the breasts take all the credit—a lot of it has to do with body image, with the whole thing working together.

Some Less Known Breast Augmentation Benefits

There are some celebrities that are not shy about admitting the plastic surgery they’ve had. Take, for example, television star Kim Zolciak, who has recently been posting selfies to social media. These selfies strongly feature Zolciak’s new set of breasts—or, rather, her newly enhanced breasts. And, of course, for Zolciak, that seems to be the point. Many of these posts also go on to thank her plastic surgeon for giving her that new look. And, to be sure, Zolciak has much to be proud of. Her new breasts look large, perky, and—paraphrasing her own description—youthful. For many patients of breast augmentation surgery, that’s the point.

In fact, there’s plenty of research that suggests that women who undergo breast augmentation procedures report a significant increase in confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life. This has a ripple effect throughout the life of the patient, and there are significant positive movements. Patients can feel more youthful, more energetic, more adventurous. There really is not much in the way of limits here. However, it’s important to note that this has only been observed in women who want a breast augmentation and then receive the surgery. Women who do not want a breast augmentation should not, obviously undergo the procedure, no matter how much outside pressure they might be feeling.

A Personal Decision—Make That Series of Decisions

The decision to get breast enhancements is a very personal one. And there are some very understandable reasons why women will pursue these procedures. First, these procedures tend to reverse the affects of aging. As the years tick by, gravity tends to have an effect on the breasts, pulling them down, causing the sagging of breast tissue. Many women want to have the breasts of their youth—and this is often accomplished with a breast lift procedure. However, some women want “bigger” breasts than they had in their youth, and that’s when a breast augmentation procedure is required.

There are a couple of different ways to get those bigger breasts. The first is through the most traditional of implants: the silicone breast implant. Modern silicone breast implants are among the safest, most natural looking options out there. Indeed, silicone implants are built to be safe even if one of them happens to rupture (which happens only rarely). In the case of a rupture, most women don’t even notice and continue about their daily lives. The silicone stays in place due to the construction of these implants. Silicone also generates a natural look and feel to the larger breasts.

Rarely used anymore are saline implants. Saline is, at its most basic, salt water. This can produce a mostly natural-looking result. However, saline implants are more susceptible to a rupture—and in the case of the rupture, you would need to get surgery in order to replace the implant. For this reason, among others, saline implants are these days rarely used. Most patients who come in looking for saline implants instead change their minds and opt for silicone implants.

One implant type that is becoming more and more popular is called a fat graft implant. These implants use the patient’s own fat to enlarge the size of the breast. This means that fat graft procedures offer two basic things: first is that it eliminates unwanted fat (it’s kind of a win-win in that regard). Second is that it creates an incredibly natural looking final result. The breast looks natural because, for all intents and purposes, it is. It’s made of your own body. For this reason, the fat graft technique has become much more popular in recent years, with many women opting for it. The only problem is that the size of the breast may diminish over time, as some of the fat may become re-absorbed into the body.

Implant Types and Your Happiness

Whichever type of implant you decide on, if you’re thinking about a breast augmentation procedure, you should find a highly qualified surgeon. According to the website of the Ridgewood New Jersey breast augmentation experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation can usually be accomplished with a relatively simple surgery and a relatively short recovery period. But it’s still surgery, and you want to make sure that you trust your surgeon.

If you want a breast augmentation, remember that most women who undergo this procedure report a multitude of positive effects. An increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, along with an increase in quality of life, have all been reported. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and if your self-conscious about the size of your breasts, an augmentation is a good way to give yourself (and your bust) a little boost.

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