Summary: How long will your Coolsculpting procedure take? It’s one of the first questions that many patients ask when they start considering a Coolsculpting procedure–and it’s a question that makes sense. Not every procedure is as quick as Botox or dermal filler injections. So how long will you actually be in the clinic undergoing your Coolsculpting transformation? Let’s find out.

How Long Will Your Coolsculpting Procedure Take?

If you’ve decided to undergo a Coolsculpting procedure, you might be wondering what you’re in for. Coolsculpting is one of those procedures that is exceptionally popular among first time cosmetic surgery patients–so there are understandably going to be some questions from those patients. And one of the most common questions is also pretty simple: how long will your Coolsculpting procedure take?

The answer to that question is variable, of course–it’ll depend on you and what you want to accomplish. And you should definitely have some conversations with your cosmetic surgeon about just that: have conversations about what you want your end results to look like.

This article, of course, is not intended to replace any medical advice you might get from your surgeon. That’s our standard disclaimer. If you have questions about how long Coolsculpting will take, you should definitely bring that up during your consultation–and keep asking about it throughout your consultation process. How long will your Coolsculpting procedure take? Let’s take a look at some of the variables.

The Duration of Your Coolsculpting Procedure

There are two ways to think about this “how long will Coolsculpting take” question. The first way is probably the most straightforward: how long will you actually be sitting in the chair? Well, it’s not really a chair, per se. It’s kind of like a comfortable couch. For most patients, Coolsculpting will take somewhere around two hours to complete.

Of course, that will depend significantly on the overall surface area you’re treating. The larger the surface area, the longer the treatment will take. For example, if you’re treating a wide swath of your abdomen and back, your treatment may take up to four hours. But if you’re only treating a small section of your jawline, your treatment may only take one hour.

When you have multiple surfaces to treat or when the overall treatment time starts to get to be too long, your Coolsculpting procedure may be broken up into multiple sessions. It’s also recommended that patients bring something to that session that will keep them entertained for a few hours: an iPad so they can watch Netflix, or a good book, for example.

How Long Until You See Results

The second way you can think about the “how long will Coolsculpting take” question is to think about it in terms of when you’ll get to see your results. How long will it take before my Coolsculpting results become apparent. That’s an understandable question, largely because Coolsculpting results are not typically instantly visible.

That’s because it usually takes a little bit of time for the affected fat to start breaking down in your body. How long that process takes, again, varies depending on the targeted area and how effective the Coolsculpting actually was.

Most patients can anticipate roughly four to six weeks of waiting until they see their peek results. Of course, that doesn’t mean they wait for six weeks and their results are suddenly going to be visible. It’s a gradual process as the fat cells break down and are absorbed into the body. As that process occurs, you’ll start to see your results taking shape (in other words, you’ll start to see yourself slimming down).

Compared to Liposuction

When comparing that process to liposuction, it’s easy to see why Coolsculpting holds appeal. Liposuction procedures involve a fairly lengthy recovery process, whereas Coolsculpting patients are usually free to return to most of their normal activities. In other words, Coolsculpting tends to be a significantly easier procedure for patients to go through than liposuction.

But results do tend to be a bit more subtle after Coolsculpting. Those peek results you see after six weeks likely aren’t going to be as bold as you might be able to achieve with surgery. But for patients who are seeking out just a little bit of body contouring–and who maybe want to watch a couple of movies while it happens–Coolsculpting is an excellent option.

If you want to know more about Coolsculpting or about what this procedure can accomplish, the best place to find answers is from your local cosmetic surgeon or medical spa. Because, sure, we’ve been able to give you a general timeline about how long Coolsculpting might take–but everything is going to depend on you, your body, and the results you want to achieve.

That means the best place to answer the question, how long will your Coolsculpting procedure take, is at your local medical spa or cosmetic surgery clinic.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been helping plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons market themselves for over twenty years. He’s always in touch with surgeons to make sure he’s up to date on the most innovative and essential procedures.

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