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Summary: Is Kybella worth it in the long run? Most injectables produce only temporary results. Kybella, on the other hand, permanently eliminates fat from the jawline. And let’s not kid ourselves. People have been looking for an injectable that will get rid of fat for ages. The idea that you could get a few injections and end up looking slimmer and more fit is incredible. But that doesn’t mean that Kybella is the right choice for every patient. Only you can determine whether Kybella is worth it to you.

Is Kybella Worth it to Most Patients?

Many cosmetic surgery patients have a simple question when it comes to any procedure: is it worth it? That’s because cosmetic surgery is not exactly cheap. There’s a financial cost as well as a physical toll for many procedures. Many procedures require a recovery period of some kind in order to let your body heal properly. So what about Kybella. Is Kybella worth it?

There are probably going to be a few different ways of answering this question. And, it almost goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that the ultimate arbiter of a procedure’s worth is going to be the patient. If you felt like it was worth it, it was worth it. And nothing we say should really matter in that regards.

What a lot of patients mean when they ask if a procedure is “worth it” boils down to the following questions:

  • Do you like the results?
  • Do the results justify the cost of the procedure (both financial and mental)?

Those might seem straightforward. But with something like Kybella, the answer to the “worth it” question isn’t always going to be obvious. Let’s break it down and see what we can determine about Kybella’s worth.

Melting Your Double Chin

Let’s start by briefly discussing what Kybella actually does. This injectable, composed of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid (a natural chemical in your body that breaks down fat). Currently, Kybella is FDA approved only for use in the chin, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see that approval expand to other areas of the body in the future.

Kybella effectively eliminates excess fat from the chin. This fat loss will be permanent, ensuring that your jawline looks leaner and more athletic. At least, that’s the idea. Kybella works for most patients, but it doesn’t work for everyone. And it won’t work if your double chin is composed mostly of excess skin.

But this brings us around to a very potent observation. in order for Kybella treatments to be worth it, you need to be bothered by your double chin. For many people, bless them, a double chin isn’t going to impact their self image or confidence. But for others, a double chin can make looking in the mirror a frustrating experience. It’s only when you’re the latter that Kybella can ever be worth it.

How Much of a Change Do You Want?

The second question to ask yourself is related: how much of a change do you want? In part because of the way that plastic surgery is often marketed, patients often develop inflated expectations of what procedures can do. Now, Kybella can indeed create pretty drastic transformations around your chin. But it’s not going to eliminate fat from areas where it isn’t injected.

In other words, Kybella injections in your chin aren’t going to replicate the results of full body liposuction. And, to a certain degree, Kybella injections also won’t replicate the results of localized liposuction. The procedures are completely different will operate in different ways (in general, liposuction affords surgeons a much higher degree of control).

Kybella is designed to produce a subtle change over time. The transformation will be noticeable, but it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. The results will also not be immediate. The injectable takes several weeks to produce peak results. In order for Kybella to be “worth it,” you should keep those little facts in mind.

How Does the Cost Compare?

A Kybella injection series is probably going to cost you a few thousand dollars. That may seem like a lot, but it’s significantly less than you would expect liposuction to cost. Therein, perhaps, lies Kybella’s greatest strength. It can accomplish permanent fat reduction without the liposuction costs or recovery period.

That makes Kybella injections particularly tempting. Now, does that mean that Kybella is automatically going to be worth it? Probably not. But if you’re looking to get rid of fat around your jawline and you want to avoid surgery, Kybella is going to be a great option.

Most patients, in fact, ultimately report that Kybella is “worth it.” That’s because they go in with realistic expectations and because Kybella does a good job of slimming down their chin. That patients and surgeons can accomplish this without the need for surgery is a testament to the power of Kybella injections. But is Kybella worth it to you? Only you can decide.

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