Summary: There are some celebrities that we just can’t stop talking about, it seems. And one of those is, of course, Kylie Jenner. It will be interesting to revisit the topic in six to twelve months and see if we’re still quite centered on Jenner. At any rate, there’s some rumors that she’s undergone plastic surgery to make herself look a bit older. Of course, most patients try to look younger, so we think this claim is worth exploring, at least in terms of what it means for other patients.

Plastic Surgery to Look Older?

It seems the press never gets tired of talking about Kylie Jenner. As someone who has absolutely no connection to Jenner, doesn’t know her in person, and, in fact, has barely heard of her, I’m not really in a position to determine whether this is justified or not. But I certainly think it’s interesting that we tend to focus so much attention on one person, simply because she’s getting plastic surgery. But, I suppose I’ve spoken enough about that. I do tend to bring it up quite often. I just think it’s interesting that, yet again, a cosmetic surgeon is coming out to talk to us about Jenner’s supposed procedures.

This time, the cosmetic surgeon in question is discussing how Jenner’s procedures have aged her a good ten years or so. Now, to be fair—I have no idea under what prompted this commenting. It’s possible that some publication asked a cosmetic surgeon for a comment, and this is the comment that was offered. That sort of thing certainly happens, and it happens quite often. Cosmetic surgeons, as with any business owner, are always looking for opportunities for expansion and publicity. And, of course, it never hurts to get your name out there.

Can Plastic Surgery Age You?

So, let’s examine the notion that Jenner has somehow aged herself. The cosmetic surgeon interviewed makes the claim that Jenner looks ten years older than she normally would and that Jenner has used all kinds of cosmetic surgical techniques to accomplish this. I’m not quite sure whether the cosmetic surgeon in question is claiming that this is an intentional feature of the surgery or not. But let’s assume it is. Because, honestly, that makes a good bit of sense. Think about teenagers for a minute—what they do, how they behave, how they think and so on. What do teenagers want to do more than anything? Well, they want to grow up.

So it wouldn’t be surprising to me if Jenner used cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures to look a bit older than she otherwise would. There’s a certain respectability that comes with maturity, after all. And young adults always seem to be in a hurry to gain that maturity. One way to do that is through cosmetic procedures designed to widen the eyes or enhance the lips. These are not terribly uncommon, so I think it’s interesting that we spend so much time discussing Jenner’s decision to undergo said procedures.

What Does Age Mean?

On the flip side, Jenner is still a minor. There are certainly reasons why plastic surgeons would be hesitant to perform such procedures. And, of course, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to get, say, a facelift in Westport when you’re only seventeen. We’re not talking about that. Rather, we’re talking about something more along the lines of breast augmentation. There are many young women who would like to undergo a breast augmentation, and many of those young women are under the age of 18. Putting aside questions of emotional maturity (as that will vary from patient to patient), it really comes down to the development of the body.

We typically tend to think of 18 as the threshold for adulthood. And, of course, it is legally. But the body continues to develop after 18. Indeed, many parts of the body continue to develop well into your twenties. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be the target of plastic surgery. Rather, it means that performing plastic surgery on those areas carries with it certain risks—you might not get the ideal results or those results may not last, for example. This can make plastic surgeons pretty hesitant to work with younger patients—for good reason. Everybody wants great results that will for a good long while.

Between Your Parents and Your Surgeon

So it’s certainly possible that Jenner had surgery as a minor. That doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone else should. After all, Jenner may have developed (or finished developing) more quickly than is average. And, of course, only her plastic surgeon would have the information to make that determination accurately. The press, the media, the gossip columnists (me) don’t have that information.

But let’s put it this way, plastic surgery for young patients is a thing. It’s real, people do it, and we really shouldn’t judge it terribly harshly. It’s just like any other plastic surgery procedure: it should be evaluated on a per-patient basis and a per-procedure basis. That’s the best way for anyone to get the results they want, no matter what age they happen to be (or how famous they happen to be).

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