Summary: Celebrities are always in the news for plastic surgery, that’s just the way it is. But lately, Jessica Simpson has been in the gossip columns for, supposedly, getting a breast augmentation procedure. Now, without comment from her or her plastic surgery, we have no idea if this is true, if she used makeup, if she underwent a temporary breast augmentation procedure, and so on. But we can use that uncertainty to learn something new about cutting edge breast augmentation procedures—so you can learn how to take a breast augmentation test drive.

Did Jessica Simpson Get a Breast Augmentation?

Every once in a while, celebrity revelations are released on some gossip news site or another. Usually, these “revelations” are based on little more than rumor and innuendo, but somehow they still carry weight. The latest to be targeted by these rumors is pop star and actress Jessica Simpson, and the evidence seems to be a set of photographs that show off what look to be larger, rounder breasts. Gossip columnists usually then call in some surgeons—who have never treated Simpson—to comment on how they’re sure she’s had work done. Needless to say, there are some definite problems with this.

First and foremost, without having direct knowledge of her treatment, it can be nearly impossible to say whether or not Jessica Simpson has undergone a breast augmentation treatment. There are, of course, bras that will enhance the position, size, and orientation of the breasts—at least as far as the way that they look. It’s worth noting at this point that bra manufacturers are also pretty good at hiding bras—meaning that they could be present even if Simpson is wearing revealing clothes. There are also make-up routines that can highlight the contours of the breasts, making them look bigger and more pronounced.

Getting a Temporary Breast Augmentation

And even if, somehow, we could scientifically prove that Simpson’s breasts are larger in image A than they were in image B, it doesn’t necessary mean that she underwent surgery. There’s a relatively version of breast augmentation that is non surgical in nature. During this procedure, saline solution is injected into the breast, increasing its size. This has the benefit of not requiring surgery, but the disadvantage of time; the results fade after roughly twenty-four hours as the saline is absorbed back into the body. Non surgical breast augmentation is a good fit for some very specific situations.

For example, if you aren’t sure what size you would like your breasts to be after an augmentation, a non-surgical breast augmentation can give you a good idea. It’s kind of like taking a test drive to make sure you get the right size for you in the end. The second time when this might be the best procedure is when you only want the results to last for a day or so. For example, if you really want to fill out a dress for a special night out, then this non surgical procedure may be the best way to go (especially if you are not concerned with keeping the results). Mostly, however, this procedure is used by patients who, basically, just want to try it on for size before seeking a more permanent solution.

Advantages of Traditional Breast Surgery

And that makes sense. However, there are some definite advantages in a more permanent breast augmentation procedure. It’s true that surgery brings with it a little more in the pain and recovery category. But surgeons have gotten very good at making breast augmentation as minimally invasive as possible, and most patients are on their feet in as few as two days after surgery. And, of course, the results are effectively permanent (though your implant may last somewhere around fifteen years). And whether they get a breast augmentation in Clear Lake, TX, or a in Hollywood, CA, most patients are thrilled with the results.

So it’s entirely possible that Jessica Simpson opted for the temporary breast augmentation, using saline. While a temporary breast augmentation is expensive, she is certainly of a means to afford it. Either way, her decisions—whether she has undergone an augmentation or not—should not really be analyzed in too much depth. After all, the surgeons who discuss Simpson’s results probably would not be thrilled if their patients were exposed to such criticism. Plastic surgery is, generally, a private affair, and I’m of the mind that we should allow everyone—even celebrities–some degree of privacy.

Respecting the Privacy—and Happiness—of Patients

That said, it’s given us a useful chance to talk about breast procedures, including the temporary breast augmentation procedures that have recently come on the market. These procedures are a great way to try on the size of implants and really get a feel for the way that they will affect your body. In this way, temporary breast implants are a great way to give breast augmentation a “test drive,” even if that test drive isn’t necessarily free. That said, there will undoubtedly be some advancements in the area of non surgical breast implants, and patients can look forward to some of those advancements making it even easier to get the body and the look they want.

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