Summary: When it comes to breast enhancement, there’s a lot more to it than the simple, cliché “boob job.” In fact, there are a wide variety of breast enhancement procedures, from augmentation to reduction to reconstruction.

Jennifer Lopez Breast Augmentation Rumors

Celebrities do a lot of publicity. It’s part of their jobs—when they have a new movie or a new television show that’s about to debut, they make the rounds on the talk shows and promotional circuit. It’s not the best or the easiest part of the job, and most celebrities, frankly, are not big fans of the repetition and monotony. What’s more, think of how many times these celebrities are photographed and videotaped. It creates a gigantic catalogue of body shape and facial features that can be dissected later when something newsworthy happens or something changes.

That’s precisely what’s happened recently with Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, she was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show the other day, and the outfit she wore showed off a considerably larger bust size than she has been seen with before. Now, there are several possible reasons for this (a push-up bra being the most obvious), and among those possibilities is the notion that Jennifer Lopez got some kind of breast augmentation procedure performed. And, of course, this means that magazines of all stripes trot out their preferred plastic surgeon to talk about Lopez’s rumored breast augmentation procedure.

Our Bodies and the Bodies of Celebrities

First and foremost, I want to draw attention to the way we scrutinize the bodies of celebrities because there is something a bit odd about it. How would you feel, for example, if someone took your picture at work every day, and then compared those images to see if your body had changed at all? My sense is that it would certainly be a little off-putting. Nonetheless, celebrities do serve as a kind of role model figure in many of our lives, and seeing them transform their bodies can certainly serve as an inspiration to us. In that way, it might be nice to talk about how women can be helped by a wide variety of breast enhancement procedures.

Breast Enhancement Procedures Designed to Help Women

Breast augmentation certainly is not the only breast enhancement procedure out there, though it is definitely the most popular. There are, in fact, a wide variety of breast procedures designed to a address many different issues.

  • Breast Augmentation: Let’s talk about the most popular one first. A breast augmentation procedure generally increases the size of the breast through the use of implanted material. This helps bring the body into proportion or exaggerates the proportions of the bust, depending on the patient’s preference.
  • Breast Lift: While a breast augmentation is designed to enlarge the size of the breasts, a breast lift is instead designed to change the orientation of the breast. As you age, the breasts are pulled down, distorting their appearance. A breast lift will make the breasts perkier and more youthful looking.
  • Breast Reduction: For some women, the breasts are simply too large, causing chronic neck and back pain. Breast augmentation, then, would be the furthest thing from their minds. In these cases, breast reduction is actually the way to go. The reduced breast will improve posture and help mitigate pain.
  • Breast Reconstruction: In the event of a trauma to the breasts, such as a mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment, surgeons may perform a breast reconstruction. This is something that the New Jersey breast reconstruction surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery are particularly famous for. Basically, breast reconstruction rebuilds the breast so that it looks and feels as natural as possible.

Finding the Right Breast Enhancement For You

To be sure, Jennifer Lopez may or may not have gotten a breast augmentation (hopefully, if she did, she feels great about the way she looks). The idea is that if she got plastic surgery, she got the procedure that works best for her. Plastic surgery is designed to help patients feel secure and confident in their bodies. In some cases, that requires a breast augmentation procedures, but in others it might call for a breast reduction. It’s all up to the patient in the end. Luckily, unlike in the case of celebrities, you probably won’t have a lot of people publishing articles about your plastic surgery procedure.

If you’re interested in a breast enhancement procedure, your first step should be discussing your desired results with a highly qualified plastic surgeon. Finding a good surgeon is so, so important to getting good results. There’s no doubt, after all, that if those Jennifer Lopez breast augmentation rumors are true, she had an excellent surgeon.

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