Summary: Your weight can be an important force in your decision to get plastic surgery. Either you want to lose some stubborn pockets of fat, or you want a tummy tuck to remove some excess skin and belly fat, or you want a breast augmentation to ensure an overall body ratio that you like. Your plastic surgeon may have a few questions about your weight too, but mainly the doctor will be looking to see that you’ve maintained a stable weight. Plastic surgery, after all, doesn’t care if you carry too much weight, rather, it’s all about maintaining a stable weight.

Quality Over Quantity

You might think that, to engage in plastic surgery, you may already need to be slender. That’s not true. Your doctor won’t be worried about whether you fit into a social view of skinny or not, but rather whether you’re healthy enough to endure a major operation (or whatever degree of operation you might be looking into). For example, a breast augmentation is a relatively efficient cosmetic surgery, but your doctor will still want to make sure that you’re healthy enough for general anesthesia and for the recovery period afterwards. The surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, for example, ask that all of their surgical patients are healthy enough for anesthesia and strong enough to endure recovery.

Stability to Protect Your Results

Your surgeon will also want to make sure that you’re weight is relatively stable. Now, weight is one of those things that fluctuates wildly on any given day—up to five pounds in one direction or the other, depending on diet, exercise, coffee intake and so on. But your doctor may have some reservations—or special instructions—if you’ve recently put on a lot of weight, or lost a substantial amount of weight, or similarly been on that roller coaster for some time. This is less about health (though it is about that, too), as it is about protecting your results. Huge fluctuations in weight after surgery can stretch out your results, or otherwise distort them. Your results will look better longer if your weight is mostly stable.

After Surgery

Speaking of weight, it’s not unheard of that you might gain some weight after your operation. And if this happens, don’t panic. Yes, you probably got that tummy tuck so you can look more fit, but you’re not negating that if you gain a little weight—or swell up—during recovery. Your body is recovering, and as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, some of those temporary effects should reside.

It’s all about keeping you healthy so you can enjoy the results of your cosmetic surgery.

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