Whether excess hair in unwanted areas is making you self-conscious or you simply want to streamline your grooming routine, there are numerous reasons why many men and women opt for laser hair removal. In fact, over a million people received laser hair removal treatments in the U.S. in 2015 alone. And if you’ve ever considered getting laser hair removal yourself, it’s likely that you’ve already considered its time-saving benefits. But have you considered some of the other, perhaps more unexpected, ways that laser hair removal can help to improve your life?

Spend Less Time Getting Ready

Speaking of saving time, it’s worth noting that this may be one of the most common reasons that many people choose to get laser hair removal. For women, it’s no secret that body hair maintenance can get a bit overwhelming. Not only are there many different areas of the body from which to remove hair, but some of those areas can require things like regular waxing appointments, which aren’t fun for anyone.

For men, unwanted hair on their chest or back can be particularly difficult to manage. Not only are these regions hard to reach, but they’re also very large, making maintaining a smooth look frustrating and time-consuming. One of the great benefits of LHR is that it can very effectively treat even large areas of the body, which can help to simplify your routine.

Ditch Painful Hair Removing Methods

Not only do traditional hair removal methods require a lot of time, but many of them can also be painful and cause irritating side effects. Waxing sensitive areas like the face and bikini line can be painful and leave the skin raised and irritated afterward. Even shaving can cause painful, unsightly razor burn that can be difficult to soothe. With laser hair removal, you’ll notice after each treatment session that you need to shave less and less frequently, until finally, you no longer have to shave at all.

Avoid Embarrassing Situations

For those with excessive unwanted hair, some social situations can become embarrassing. Even with routine maintenance, many people have thick, dark hair that seems to regrow almost overnight, which can make something as seemingly simple as a day at the beach cause for anxiety. Because LHR offers nearly permanent results, those who’ve ever experienced an embarrassing situation due to unwanted hair can rest assured.

Regain Self-Confidence

Our self-confidence is often so closely tied with our body image, and unwanted hair can negatively affect the way we view ourselves. Some men and women find it hard to go on dates or meet new people because they’re self-conscious of unwanted facial hair. Even many small facial areas can benefit from laser hair removal, such as the eyebrows and chin. Others may find it difficult to become more intimate with a partner due to excessive body hair. If unwanted hair is contributing to a negative self-image, laser hair removal could be a great solution to help you achieve an improved quality of life.

Whether your self-confidence has suffered due to unwanted hair or you’re simply sick of shaving, laser hair removal has been able to help many men and women achieve their desired look without all the hassle of traditional hair removal methods. If you’re considering laser hair removal, just be sure to consult a certified laser specialist who will be able to answer your specific questions and can offer safe and effective treatment.

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