Summary: There are plenty of little known cosmetic surgery procedures that are actually very popular once you start looking at the numbers. Which procedures get picked up in popular media and which are left by the wayside are always interesting to note. Some procedures just capture the popular imagination. Even still, these less known cosmetic surgery procedures are popular for a reason.

A Few Little Known Cosmetic Surgery Procedures That Are Actually Quite Popular

Sometimes, the plastic surgery procedure that’s right for you is the one you’ve never heard of before. That’s why there are some little known cosmetic surgery procedures that are actually very popular. The popularity comes not from television gossip shows or aggressive marketing, but from a patients who simply need results.

Those results will vary based on the treatment, of course. Sometimes patients just don’t have any other options when it comes to achieving their desired results (it’s nice to be the only choice), and that explains some of the popularity of these procedures.

But in general, these procedures are popular because they serve a niche and they serve it well. These procedures also show us just how adaptable cosmetic surgery it, how it can sometimes be molded to treat certain conditions, how it, in the end, is designed to make people happy. Of course, not every patient whim can be satisfied. But these little known cosmetic surgery procedures that are actually very popular certainly show us how some niche procedures find success.

Little Known Procedure #1: Blepharoplasty

To be fair, classifying blepharoplasty as a “little known” procedure is pushing it a bit. After all, blepharoplasty (also known as an eyelid lift) was one of the five most popularly performed procedures of 2017. And that didn’t come out of nowhere. Eyelid lifts have been one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures for some time now.

But we’re confident with this procedures place on the list largely because eyelid lift does not occupy the same place in our social imagination as procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or facelift. A blepharoplasty is designed to:

  • Remove excess skin and tissue from around the eyes
  • Help patient see better by repositioning skin that had been blocking the patient’s line of sight.
  • Help patients better express emotions (excess skin around the eyes can make patients look sleepy, depressed, or angry no matter their emotional state).
  • Help patients look significantly younger by eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin from around the eyes.

Little Known Procedure #2: Hand Lift

There are a couple of ways to eliminate lines and wrinkles from the hands. Why would you want to in the first place? Because sometimes your hands can give you away. The skin on your hands is often thin (for good reason–it improves sensitivity), which can lead to wrinkles and lines that show up more profoundly than other places.

In other words, sometimes you show your age more profoundly (and prematurely) in your hands. Patients really have two options when it comes to cosmetic hand surgery:

  • Surgical hand lift procedures, during which excess skin is removed from the hands. This procedure yields permanent changes and is appropriate for patients with significant wrinkles and excess skin.
  • Non surgical hand lift procedures use dermal fillers to fill volume in the hand. The result is the mitigation of some lines and wrinkles. Results are subtle and temporary, but there’s no surgical recovery period afterwards.

Which approach is best will depend on the patient in question, of course, so consult with your hand surgeon or plastic surgeon about which way to proceed.

Little Known Procedure #3: Nipple Surgery

One breast enhancement procedure that’s not quite as well known as the others in the same group is nipple surgery. There are, after all, plenty of aesthetic reasons why patients want to change the nipple. Sometimes it’s about repositioning the nipple. In other cases, the focus is on changing the size of the areola.

Nipple surgery certainly isn’t as common as breast augmentation or breast lift, but it’s one of those “up and coming” procedures that you’ll likely hear more about in the coming years. That’s excellent news for patients who feel uncomfortable with their nipples as they currently are. Those same patients will have a chance to make some changes in the future.

And that’s really what these procedures are all about, whether they’re niche procedures or “mainstream” procedures. It’s all about getting a result that the patient will like, that the patient will feel comfortable with. Sometimes that takes a procedure everyone’s heard of, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction. But in other cases, it’s all about the little known procedures that are actually very popular.


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