Summary: The hottest new cosmetic trend is eyelash/eyebrow transplants. The procedure takes your own natural hair and transplants it for beautiful, natural looking results.

Beautiful Eyes Can Be Yours

When people think of “hair loss” they immediately think about the hair on the top of the head, but in reality the condition of thinning and loss of hair can target hair follicles all over your body. If you have lost your eyelash or eyebrow hair because of aging, or even because of the aftermath of trauma or burns, there is hope for you! You can restore your face back to its beautiful, natural state with hair transplants to the eyebrow and eyelash region.

How It Works

The hair for your transplant will come from the back of your neck, a place that houses hair follicles almost identical to those of your eyelashes and brows. About 30-40 follicles will then be transplanted into mini-incisions made to the brow or lid area. When the hair is accurately placed into the lash line, it takes almost immediately. Your hair will begin to grow again naturally, and your incredible appearance will return. For the eyebrow procedure, things are a little slower, but natural results are still the outcome. The follicles of the eyebrows will take about 6 months to begin to grow, and the procedure is typically done with a local anesthetic just to avoid any sort of discomfort.

Face the Facts

The face of fashion is changing and strong, natural brows sprouting up on runways everywhere. Women have complained for years about sparse or non-existent eyebrows, often times due to over plucking, but now there is something that can be done to fix it. If hair transplants just aren’t an option for you, there are always other things that can be done.

  • Permanent tattoos have been used to fill in the spaces where your eyebrows used to be. The best part of this method is that it rarely needs to be repeated, and you can experience long lasting results in a short period of time.
  • There are new medical treatments for hair growth being FDA approved as we speak. Lash growth serums like Latisse and RapidLash take a little bit longer but some tests have shown promising results.

Your Doctor Will Know

Every case is different, and you won’t know exactly which options are best for you until you discuss it with a specialist. The good news is, if you have experienced hair loss in the eyebrow and eyelash area there are several things that can be done to help. Thick, natural brows create a strong and beautiful look to the face, and lashes are an important part of our image and how people see us. If for whatever reason (trauma, aging, over-plucking) you are coming up short when it comes to eyelash and eyebrow hair, researching more information about hair transplants may be the answer. If it isn’t something plausible for you right now, permanent tattoos and hair growth serums are always an option, as well. Talk to your doctor and create a plan to restore your eyes to the vision of perfection.

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