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Summary:Clever Ways to Make Your Lips Look Younger

These days, big lips are in—but sometimes big isn’t enough, so how do you make your lips look younger? After all, it’s not all about big lips. Some patients are more interested in changing the appearance of the lips in order to enhance their youthful appearance. Or, said another way, wrinkles around the lips can be a source of anxiety.

That’s because the lips tend to be one of the focal points of the face. The eyes are drawn to the lips in a unique way. And, as such, they’re a vital component of human body language. The lips transmit an awful lot of data. So wrinkles around the lips tend to be read as a significant sign of aging.

These wrinkles around the lips can make the entire face appear older—and, therefore, they can make patients look older than they feel. Luckily, there are a few ways to make lips look younger when these wrinkles start appearing.

Using Dermal Fillers for Smoother Lips

Most people think that dermal fillers are only ever used to increase the size of the lips, but that isn’t entirely true. Of course—they are used for that. Larger, plumper lips are certainly quite popular these days, so it’s not uncommon to see dermal fillers that have been created specifically for that purpose.

One of those fillers is called Juvederm Volbella. This particular filler has a unique molecular composition that makes it great for lips. Rather than relying on the typically large molecules that compose most dermal fillers, the molecules in Volbella are quite small. This allows the results to be subtle and natural looking. For most patients who want lip injections, that’s a good thing.

Carillon Minneapolis, a Twin Cities based dermal filler provider, mentions on their website that this is also true for patients who want to eliminate lines and wrinkles from the lips. One of the reasons those wrinkles develop in the first place is because the lips lose volume as you age. (They lose volume for the same reason that the face loses volume—gravity tends to create a little bit of excess skin over the years.) By replacing the lost volume, the lips can be returned to a smoother, more youthful look.

Using Fat Injections for Smoother Lips

The downside of dermal fillers is that, in most cases, they are temporary. To a certain degree, that’s by design. Many patients actually like that the effects wear off after a while. However, other patients might not want to go in for regular maintenance injections in order to keep their results. They might just want those results to stick around.

One way to do that is to use your own fat for your lip injections. This is a popular option because, in a way, it’s incredibly efficient. You get to eliminate fat from somewhere on your body where you don’t particular like it. And then you get to put that fat to work somewhere else—in this case, in the lips.

Fat injections in the lips also have a few other benefits, including:

  • The end results look quite natural
  • The end results also feel very natural, as the results are made with your own fat
  • You get the added benefits of liposuction (though you must also go through liposuction recovery)
  • Results are effectively permanent
  • The injections themselves do not require any downtime

Of course, you’ll probably need to be careful with your lips during recovery because you’ll want as much fat as possible to survive its move to your lips.

Bigger Lips and Fewer Wrinkles

Using either of these methods, it’s entirely possible for you to end up with both larger lips and fewer wrinkles. In many cases, the size increase will be quite subtle (unless your intended result is to drastically increase lip size, in which case a different approach may be undertaken). However, there will likely be an increase in the size of your lips.

And that can make your lips look even younger! There’s definitely something about larger lips that are almost immediately associated with youthfulness. So even if your lips aren’t wrinkled, if they are excessively thin, people might assume you’re a little bit older than you feel. One great way to look younger is to increase the size of your lips.

Of course, there are also non surgical, totally cosmetic options. For example, lipstick has been making lips appear larger and smoother for generations. But if you’re looking for something more natural looking and something a little more long term, the injectables described above might be a great option. How do you make lips look younger? Well, you have no shortage of options!

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