Summary: If you want to know how to make sure you find a good MedSpa, I’ll warn you right now: it takes work. That’s not because finding a good MedSpa is tough. But because you have to do a bit of research to find one you like. Almost all medical spas are going to give you great service. But finding one that lines up with your preferences can be a little more challenging.

Learning How to Make Sure You Find a Good Medspa

MedSpas have a lot to offer, which is one of the reasons they’re so trendy these days. Unfortunately, what’s trendy always seems to have to fend off fakers. So you should know how to make sure you find a good MedSpa—one that is medically sound and sure to help you get great results.

It might be helpful, then, if we pause and really look at what a MedSpa is. Short for “medical spa,” this new type of clinic has some of the following characteristics:

  • A healthy mixture of spa and clinic settings
  • Offers a set of procedures designed to help you feel rejuvenated and youthful
  • Offering procedures that can produce aesthetic results (such as Kybella or Juvederm or Botox)
  • Operates under the medical supervision of a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon

In general, medical spas will offer procedures such as Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting, Laser procedures, and so on. Some MedSpas may offer various anti-aging options (such as vitamin injections). Other MedSpas might make limited surgery available to clients.

In any case, knowing how to make sure you find a good MedSpa, especially with so many good options out there, can make all the difference in terms of your results.

What Makes a MedSpa Good?

In order to find a “good” MedSpa, it helps to know what qualities to be on the lookout for. You’ll want to know precisely what to seek out and what to avoid. So let’s take a look at what makes a MedSpa good in the first place.

First and foremost, any good MedSpa should place an emphasis on the med part of its name. This means:

  • The MedSpa should be owned and operated by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon
  • Training should be a regular occurrence for all the staff on hand (and you can always ask what certifications staff has)
  • The medical staff should be highly qualified (and you can certainly ask about those qualifications)
  • Procedures should be conducted by medical professionals (not necessarily the surgeons themselves—that’s not always warranted)

In other words, if the Medical Spa is all lasers and no technicians, that might be something of a red flag. But if, on the other hand, the MedSpa employs a large medical staff (relative to the size of the clinic, of course), that’s a good thing.

What Do Reviews Tell You?

Once you’ve established that your MedSpa of choice meets all your medical requirements (and, it should be noted, those requirements will be different based on the procedures you’re interested in), it’s time to turn your attention towards the spa side of things.

You want to know:

  • Does the MedSpa make you feel comfortable?
  • Is an emphasis placed on a luxurious or relaxing feel?
  • Do you get the feeling that rejuvenation is important in this space?
  • Are patients generally satisfied with their results, and the way they’re treated?

In order to find those answers, you’ll probably do what most people do: start reading reviews. And that’s actually a good place to start. Most MedSpas will make reviews easy to access.

Now, the best overall reviews won’t always result in the best experience for you. Some MedSpas are great at everything; but some specialize. If you’re interested in injectables, you’ll want to focus on relevant reviews. Same if you’ve got your eye on a laser procedure—look for reviews that feature that particular laser.

Watch Out for Chains

Because they tend to be quite successful, many medical spas will open branches across different locations. You might have one branch in Woodbury and another in Maple Grove, as is the case with Minneapolis-based MedSpa Carillon Clinic. Each location might offer a different set of procedures (and have their own reviews, accordingly). So take this into account as you’re evaluating your options.

Do Your Research

All of this boils down to one thing: do your research. Selecting a MedSpa is a big, important decision, even if you’re getting a relatively simple procedure such as a Botox injection. You want to make it’s a decision you get right.

If you have no idea where to begin, start by searching MedSpas in your area (usually you can just type it right into Google: “my city + MedSpa”). That should get you a list to start with. Or you can always ask for a referral from your primary physician and start there.

However you start, don’t be afraid to dive in and ask some tough questions. A good MedSpa will never shy away from any of your questions. So ask away—and you’ll probably be rewarded. If you want to know how to make sure you find a good MedSpa, research is always going to be the place to start.

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