Summary: As patients, sometimes it’s easy for us to think recovery is about downing the correct number of pain reducing pills. But sometimes when we think that way, we can neglect more traditional—and perhaps more effective—means of giving ourselves comfort. For example, one method of pain relief and recovery that doesn’t get enough credit is nothing more complicated than a good, old fashioned massage. This is especially true because it turns out that massage therapy has multitude of unexpected benefits.

A High End Experience

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the comfort of the patient is often paramount. Some medical spas and clinics are taking this simple idea to its logical conclusion and introducing massage therapy as a part of the clinic treatment. In a way this makes sense—massage is typically included if you go to a high-end hair salon, so why not at a high-end medical spa? Sure, there are medical benefits, some of which are listed below, but there’s no denying that a massage also makes the patient experience feel more luxurious and high-end.

Medical Benefits

There are several benefits that come with massage therapy, especially in the cosmetic surgery setting. In fact, many cosmetic surgery clinics are adding massage therapists to their staff, and those therapists are helping with a wide variety of patient issues.

Pain Management

At the top of the list, and perhaps most obvious, is pain management. Massage therapy is a great way to manage pain without relying on potentially addictive pain medications. Now, this doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery patients should not receive pain management medications, but it’s possible that you may not need as much of them This is a good thing.

Smaller Scars

Another benefit of massage therapy goes beyond pain management and exhibits benefits of a more long-lasting type. Specifically, there are certain types of massage therapies that can reduce bruising and scarring. Massaging a stiff incision area, for example, can prevent some scar tissue from forming. Massage therapy can also prevent bruising, which also promotes healing.

Preventing Stress

And as we all know, massage therapy can prevent stress. But this takes on more importance in a surgical setting. Even in the most intentionally relaxing setting possible, for example a Minneapolis cosmetic surgery clinic, cosmetic surgery can still often be a stressful event. A massage before the event can drastically lower stress levels, often directly improving the immediate health of the patient and, possibly, the results as well. Happy patients are healthy patients, after all.

Adds to the Benefits

Massage therapy won’t be a cure all for every type of cosmetic surgery, and it won’t make every procedure successful. But, undoubtedly, it will make patients feel better and make the overall experience one that is more memorable and more pleasant—which means more repeat business.

If you’re interested in cosmetic surgery of any kind—with or without the massage therapy—contact your surgeon today.

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