Summary: Minneapolis is becoming a premier spot for cosmetic surgery, and non-surgical procedures. Carillon Clinic is adding to the areas’ rich plastic surgery environment.

Local Heroes

Non-surgical cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular every year. Non-invasive or less-invasive fixes for face and body imperfections are taking the plastic surgery world by storm. Carillon Clinic serves the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area of Minnesota, but visitors from all around and seek out the services of their excellent staff, including owners and founders Dr. Tholen and Dr. Gervais. The two of them, both at the top of their game professionally, want to share what makes Carillon Clinic so special.

Professional Resource: If you’re interested to learn more about any of the procedures listed below, we suggest visiting the website for Carillon Clinic.

The Scoop on Going Sunless

Carillon Clinic offers skin and body care services at two Minneapolis metro locations, making it convenient for anyone looking to get amazing cosmetic care. Carillon Clinic offers a long list of services, ones that you may not expect from board certified plastic surgeons. Laser hair removal; spider vein removal; IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments for sunspots, age spots, and tiny blood vessels; microdermabrasion; rejuvenating skin care peels; Endermologie® for cellulite; camouflage makeup; BOTOX® Cosmetic; collagen; Restylane®; Perlane®, and JUVÉDERM™ are just SOME of the services offered at Dr. Tholen and Dr. Gervais’s TWO Twin Cities locations.

The Non-Surgical Way

Plastic surgeons specialize in a number of different treatments and procedures, not all having to be invasive and involving scalpels. Non-surgical procedures are gaining momentum and more and more people are seeking out alternative ways to achieve the look they desire. If you want to change your appearance but aren’t convinced you want to commit to permanent surgery yet, trying a non-surgical approach can sometimes be the best way to “try out” a more serious procedure before committing. For example, many women love injectable fillers as a temporary fix, putting off a more major facelift until they are older and their case is more severe. Whatever you choose to do, a qualified Minneapolis cosmetic surgeons will discuss all of your options with you.

Making an Appointment

Minnesotans love the convenience of Carillon Clinic. If you are interested in learning more about the services offered at there, you are welcome to schedule a one-on-one consultation by calling 763-540-1837 for the Golden Valley location, and 763-494-9939 for Maple Grove. Your Minneapolis cosmetic surgery questions are just a phone call away from being answered!

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