Summary: Melissa Gilbert is done with plastic surgery, at least for now. She said as much in an interview, and we’re inclined to believe that kind of proclamation. According to Gilbert, she simply reached a point in her life where she was willing to let aging take its course. Many plastic surgery patients might eventually come to a similar point–but the purpose of plastic surgery is often to ensure you get the most confidence and joy out of the youth you have!

Melissa Gilbert is Done with Plastic Surgery, According to Reports

According to recent reports, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert is done with plastic surgery. This isn’t, like, breaking news or anything–at least, not for Gilbert. She has likely come to this decision over time, as most people do. One of the things about plastic surgery is that, eventually, you’re likely going to decide it’s time to be done.

Defining that time will depend on what you’re aiming to accomplish with each procedure, of course. If you’re trying to stave off aging, you might be getting facelifts a little bit later in life. But if you’re making aesthetic changes for their own sake–a breast augmentation, a nose job, etc.–that might come to an end a little bit sooner in your life.

Then again, it might not. Every individual is different. In Gilbert’s case, she’s trying to “embrace aging.” There are many plastic surgery patients who eventually reach this kind of decision point. Melissa Gilbert is done with plastic surgery because she’s reached a point in her life where that makes sense for her. So we applaud that decision.

How Do You Know When You’re Done With Plastic Surgery?

Most plastic surgery patients will only ever end up getting one or two procedures in their lifetimes. That’s because most people aren’t looking for a complete change in body–they just want to make one or two minor improvements.

That may change with the aging process. After all, aging does all kinds of odd things to the body, especially aesthetically:

  • Aging can create lines and wrinkles in the skin
  • Aging can also create spots on the skin, known as so-called “age spots”
  • Gravity combined with the aging process can cause sagging skin in all kinds of places, including the face, buttocks, and breasts
  • Aging can diminish your skin’s ability to “bounce back” and can lead to a significant amount of excess skin in certain circumstances

In other words, aging is no fun. It’s no wonder that people want to do all they can to ensure that they at least don’t look like they’re aging. Plastic surgery is designed to address a wide range of issues, and the appearance of aging is often one such issue. What the procedure entails will vary depending on the target area.

Diminishing Returns?

There will likely come a point where a patient receives diminishing returns. It could be that Melissa Gilbert has reached such a point herself–only she and her surgeon know that for sure. But here’s what I mean by this–and here’s why it might be important for you. Each and every procedure has a kind of “prime” period in which it can be performed.

Most facelift patients, for example, are between the ages of 50-70. That doesn’t mean that all facelift patients are in that range. There are plenty who are younger and who are older.

And procedures such as breast lift are even harder to pin down in terms of when that “prime” period is because everyone’s body ages differently. Breasts, in particular, can be impacted quite significantly by life events, such as pregnancy or nursing. Therefore, the ideal time for a breast lift might be a bit earlier.

Continued Aging

The reasons these “prime” periods exist is pretty simple: you want to get the most out of your procedure. You want to enjoy it for as long as possible. But plastic surgery doesn’t reverse aging. It simply resets the process. So even if you do get a breast lift, you’ll continue to age.

The difference is that you’ll get a significantly longer duration in which to enjoy the perkiness and youthfulness of your breasts. You’ll feel comfortable and confident for more years. The same principle holds true for something like a facelift. The results are about enable the patient to enjoy the youthful look for a longer period of time.

Aging Always Wins

In the end, the aging process will always win. That’s just how nature works. But plastic surgery gives you the opportunity to control exactly when that natural process wins. That’s precisely the type of control that Melissa Gilbert has decided to exert. She got to choose, to a certain extent, when to let nature win.

How each and every patient responds to this will vary, naturally. Melissa Gilbert is done with plastic surgery at a point where you might choose to continue. Likewise, you might never have undergone the procedures that Gilbert did. There is no universal pathway when it comes to plastic surgery. Every patient has the opportunity to figure it out for himself or herself.

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