why are men getting more botox?

Summary: Many media outlets have been asking, why are men getting more Botox? There are some interesting reasons behind the increased popularity of this particular injection. Some of them are even surprising. In many ways, it comes down to the fact that men want to look younger and more masculine—and they want to look like that now.

Why Are Men Getting More Botox?

If you haven’t been paying attention to the trends of men getting plastic surgery, you might think, why are men getting more Botox? Even in the context of increasing numbers of men considering cosmetic procedures, the rise of Botox for men is quite astounding. Of course, that’s just kind of how Botox is. In cosmetic treatment circles Botox is definitely something of a wonder drug.

There are usually specific reasons why a certain procedure might increase in popularity with a particular population. In this case, there are specific reasons that Botox is becoming more popular with men. Let’s take a look at what those reasons might be—and what they might predict about the future of cosmetic procedures.

Decreasing Stigma

Perhaps the primary motivation behind the rise in men getting Botox is a decrease in the overall stigma around cosmetic procedures, particularly as this stigma applies to men. I’ll admit, this is a pretty general motivation (and I promised something more concrete). But it’s hard having a conversation about any specific procedure outside of that context.

Men these days do indeed face increased pressure to look youthful, athletic, and masculine (this is in no way meant to equate the pressure men feel to the pressure women feel, by the way—just an observation that our society continues to favor certain qualities as more attractive). Looking more youthful, therefore, can lead to a wide variety of successes and improvements:

  • Looking more youthful can improve one’s chances of a promotion
  • Many people will actually get Botox before a job interview in order to appear younger
  • Looking more youthful could, in theory, help one on the dating scene as well
  • Often, looking younger and more athletic can lead to an improvement of confidence and self esteem

In any case, it’s important to note that more men getting Botox means it’s easier for other men to get Botox—as every patient lessens the stigma just a little bit more.

Increasing Masculinity

One reason that some men like to get Botox is because Botox can actually increase the overall appearance of your masculinity. Stick with me here—youthfulness, strength, virility, these are all seen as somewhat “masculine” characteristics. (This is, again, not to say that they are exclusively masculine—I’m just painting with a broad brush here.)

Botox can highlight many of those so-called “masculine” characteristics. In most cases, it can eliminate lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. These deep lines and wrinkles can often make you look significantly older than you feel. When you look older, you look less virile, less alive, less alert. By eliminating those lines and wrinkles, your face ends up appearing slightly more masculine.

As another example, for patients with TMJ, Botox can relieve the headaches and diminish swelling around the jawline. This could help your jawline appear more proportional to your face—more svelte and athletic. In either case, the patient usually experiences a significant increase in confidence—especially with these masculine characteristics.

Increasing Career Opportunities

Getting cosmetic surgery to improve one’s career performance is certainly not exclusive to men. But it is one of those motivating factors that does seem to resonate particularly strongly to men. As mentioned above, many men will seek out a Botox treatment before a job interview of asking for a promotion.

The reasons for this aren’t necessarily just. Today, especially, we tend to view youth as an important quality. In the minds of many, a youthful employee will work harder, learn easier, and adapt more quickly. That’s certainly not universally accurate—but it is an assumption that many hiring directors operate under, even if it’s somewhat unconsciously.

Granted, age discrimination is illegal. Unfortunately, it’s also quite difficult to prove. Looking a little more youthful side-steps the entire issue, to a certain degree, though that doesn’t necessarily make it right. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether getting Botox for your career is the right move for you.

It’s Quick and Temporary

One of the other appealing parts about Botox, particularly for men who are perhaps less familiar with the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery, is that it’s temporary. Many surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty or facelift, take time to recover from. According to Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, a facelift performed in the Twin Cities can mean weeks of recovery.

With Botox, you’re in an out quickly—less than 30 minutes in most cases—and the results will only last several months. This makes Botox an excellent entry point for people (in this case men), who are not entirely comfortable or familiar with cosmetic surgery broadly speaking.

Why are men getting more Botox? In many cases, because it’s easy and it works. It’s hard to ask for more than that from any cosmetic surgery procedure.

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