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Summary: It might come as a shock that the age of plastic surgery patients seems to be getting younger and younger; indeed, Millennials are getting plastic surgery in record numbers.

Plastic Surgery for Young Adults

The myth is always that plastic surgery is for an older audience; that you don’t start seeking out a procedure until you’ve got the wrinkles to go with your age (or you get the wrinkles a little too early). While there is certainly some truth to this, in that plastic surgery is certainly popular as a means to produce a more youthful look, it’s not as though there’s a lower age limit on when you can get it. Still, it might be puzzling for some as to why Millennials are being drawn to plastic surgery and, more profoundly, to cosmetic procedures in ever-growing numbers.

But there are plenty of reasons for Millennials to be pretty jazzed (that’s something Millennials say, right?) about cosmetic procedures, which definitely fall under the umbrella of plastic surgery. And that’s because plastic surgery is not just about removing wrinkles; there are all sorts of changes that can be accomplished with these procedures that are designed simply to change or augment the way you look (for example, with a rhinoplasty procedure, which changes the shape and appearance of the nose). What’s more, there are many modern procedures that are designed specifically to accomplish these changes without surgery.

Non Surgical Solutions Enticing Millennials

In other words, one of the things that Millennials seem to love about cosmetic procedures is that they are relatively quick, easy, and light on recovery. And before you buy into the myth that Millennials are somehow lazy or cheap; it simply makes sense for their age group, especially given that many Millennials are juggling emerging careers, long hours, a home life, college (in some cases) and so on. In other words, Millennials are busy and productive, so it makes sense that they would seek out procedures that do not interrupt that productivity.

And those procedures are pretty varied. For example:

  • Changing the Shape of the Nose: What used to take surgery can now be accomplished with a procedure known as the non surgical nose job. During this procedure, surgeons inject the nose with a dermal filler to safely alter the shape of the nose, eliminating dips, droops or even bumps. The results typically last for a couple of years, but patients can get regular updates if they want to keep looking the same.
  • Smoothing Out the Skin: For any number of reasons, the skin may become uneven in tone or start to express some damage (often from the sun). Popular especially in New York, Fraxel is a great way to address these issues. Fraxel is actually a laser system that is able to “resurface” the skin with relatively low discomfort and relatively quick recovery time.
  • Slim Down a Bit: Liposuction has always been an incredibly popular procedure. But it does require weeks of recovery. So if you want to lose a little bit of extra fat but you don’t want to spend weeks on your back, then a procedure such as Coolsculpting might be a great way to go. This procedure uses cold to break down cell walls and eliminate unwanted fat.

Procedures to Stave Off Aging

But it’s not just changing appearances that attracts Millennials to cosmetic surgery procedures. In many cases, Millennials are actually using cosmetic procedures to keep from showing the signs of aging in the first place. In many studies, for example, it’s suggested that dermal fillers and Botox injections can actually keep wrinkles from forming in the first place. Of course, it’s difficult to know precisely when you should get those injections. Some patients will steer a course towards better safe than sorry. Other patients might wait until they see tiny wrinkles, then make a quick appointment.

In any case, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Millennials and their cosmetic surgery habits. After all, it’s much more effective to keep a wrinkle from forming in the first place than it is to treat it afterwards.

Young and Wanting to Stay That Way

We all know that youth is quite illusive. Our bodies age and, ultimately, we have very little control over that. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look youthful. Millennials (at least some of them) seem to be invested in the notion that looking youthful is something that’s worth hanging on to. It’s hard to blame them for that, especially in light of the cultural capital that youth provides.

In other words, plastic surgery isn’t just for the middle-aged anymore. Of course, it never really was in the first place—but that’s even more certain now.

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