Summary: In her recently published memoire, Sorry Not Sorry, Naya Rivera talks about her breast augmentation experience. She’s not a typical breast augmentation patient in that she actually got her procedure pretty young. Was it too young? And did it work out for her? Let’s find out!

Naya Rivera’s Breast Augmentation

We tend to think that those youthful souls as those most prone to error. Young people make mistakes and they certainly don’t have good judgment, right? That’s one (among many) reasons why we tend to hesitate in promoting plastic surgery for teenagers.

Whether she’s the exception or the rule, Naya Rivera has written about her own experience with breast augmentation as a teen in her new memoir, Sorry Not Sorry. Rivera talks about how, when she was 18, she got herself a boob job—paid for by saving money from previous acting jobs.

Now that Rivera is on the downslope of her 20s, how does she feel about the decisions she made in her youth? Is she disappointed with herself or otherwise ashamed?

The Right Decision?

According to Rivera’s memoir, Sorry Not Sorry, the breast augmentation was the best $8000 she’s ever spent. And that’s saying something! The actress, who would later appear on Glee, talks about how getting a breast augmentation was, for her, a way to boost her confidence.

Rivera spends a significant amount of time discussing how people reacted to her decision to get a breast augmentation at such a young age. Usually, surgeons like to wait until the patient is somewhere into her early twenties. This ensures that the breast tissue has stopped changing, maturing, and growing.

Of course, every body is different, and if Rivera’s surgeons determined that her breasts were fully matured, then there was no medical reason not to perform the procedure. And since Rivera was 18, she was free to make her own decisions with her own money (according to the memoir, Rivera’s parents were not exactly supportive of the procedure).

And while a modern breast augmentation procedure will likely cost you more than $8000, Rivera does refer to her boob job as money well spent. In fact, like many women who have undergone this procedure, she talks about it as a sound investment in herself and in her confidence.

The Line Between Teens and Adults

This brings up a good discussion point: the line between teens and adults when it comes to plastic surgery. After all, there are many who will think that 18 is far too young for a breast augmentation (or for any permanent alteration of the body, for that matter). And in some cases they’re right.

Most surgeons will assess a few different things with all patients when trying to determine who is a good candidate for surgery:

  • Physical Maturity: This has less to do with how old you are than it has to do with how your body is aging. There are certain elements of your body that keep changing and keep maturing into your twenties (such as the breasts). This can make for a… turbulent canvas. In other words, the less stable your body is, the less sure your surgeon will be about the final results.
  • Emotional Maturity: One thing that surgeons discuss with almost all patients, regardless of age, is the emotional impact their procedures will have on them. According to the website of the Minnesota breast surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, this is a very important conversation to have, so that both the surgeon and the patient knows what’s in store.
  • Physical Health: Most plastic surgery procedures are not necessarily fun. They require a certain amount of recovery before you’re able to enjoy your results. Surgeons like to make sure that patients are able and willing to go through that in physical terms. In other words, they like to make sure that patients are healthy enough for surgery.

If all of those requirements are met, it’s not uncommon for surgeons to feel quite comfortable to start operating.

No Regrets!

Most patients who want plastic surgery that end up getting plastic surgery tend to feel as though the procedures are worth it. They love the results and, like Rivera, they report a significant rise in confidence and self-esteem. In her book, at least, Rivera presents her breast augmentation procedure as something of a boon.

Later in her memoire, she discusses other challenges in her life, so there’s little reason to doubt her sincerity when it comes to her breast augmentation. It definitely worked out for her, even though she got it done when she was just 18. That doesn’t mean that every teenager should run out and get a breast augmentation procedure.

As with any plastic surgery procedure—the right time depends on the patient.

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