Summary: You might have heard about the non surgical butt lift. But does a non surgical butt lift work? Will it deliver the same basic results as a surgical procedure? This isn’t the first such non surgical alternative, of course. So we shouldn’t be surprised that this procedure has suddenly popped up on our radar. But it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Does a Non Surgical Butt Lift Work for Most Patients?

It’s definitely making waves in the same way as other non invasive procedures have, but does a non surgical butt lift work? The procedure itself falls into a long line of non invasive, non surgical procedures challenging their surgical counterparts. In this case, the non surgical butt lift is being touted as a kind of easier replacement for the Brazilian Butt Lift (or, in other cases, for butt implants).

The appeal makes sense. Brazilian Butt Lift, though it’s minimally invasive, still requires a significant amount of recovery. The “invasive” part stems from the use of liposuction to collect the needed fat for the lift. For most patients, it may take a few weeks to return to normal activity after any liposuction procedure.

Non Surgical Butt Lift procedures offer a supposedly “easier” way to get comparable results. But does that hold up to scrutiny? Does the non surgical butt lift really work as well as the Brazilian Butt Lift? And is it really easier? We’ll be putting the non surgical butt lift to the test today, so keep reading to find out!

Surgical vs. Non Surgical Butt Lift

Let’s break down how these two actual procedures work. Because butt implants are not as commonly used, we’re just going to look at the Brazilian Butt Lift vs. the Non Surgical Butt Lift. I think this is particularly apt because the BBL is often advertised as “non surgical.” (You should be wary of this advertisement—a BBL is surgical.)

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: During a BBL, fat is taken out of one area of your body (usually around the abdomen) and injected into the buttocks. Usually, this is as seen as a net benefit. You get complimentary results in two areas of your body. Using this technique, surgeons can make substantial changes to the buttocks, increasing their size and controlling the overall shape (within a reasonable margin of error). The recovery can be a little trying, as you won’t be able to sit for several weeks. But patients are almost always thrilled with the results.
  • Non Surgical Butt Lift: The non surgical butt lift takes an approach not unlike other non surgical alternatives (such as the non surgical nose job, which uses dermal fillers to achieve a result). The dermal filler of choice for a butt lift is Sculptra because it induces your body’s natural inflammatory response. This response is, typically, quite controlled and is intended to get your body to produce collagen. The inflammation combined with the collagen tends to make the buttocks look larger and rounder—the desired results. You get to enjoy those results nearly instantly (with no downtime) and the look will last for several years.

Drawbacks to Each Approach

Of course, there are drawbacks to each butt lift approach. With a surgical butt lift, those drawbacks are:

  • The cost: Brazilian Butt Lift procedures can cost anywhere between $5000-$10,000.
  • The recovery: You will need to recover from two procedures at once—the liposuction and the injections. This can take several weeks.
  • The discomfort: There is some discomfort associated with Brazilian Butt Lift just after surgery—as is the case for any surgical procedure.

The drawbacks for a Non Surgical procedure, using Sculptra, are significantly different:

  • Results: Your final results will be quite subtle
  • Duration: Most results will last for a number of years, which might seem like a long time—but compared to the permanent of Brazilian Butt Lift, it’s quite temporary
  • No going back: Unlike other fillers, Sculptra injections cannot be dissolved or reversed. This means that if you don’t like the results, you’ll have to live with them for a number of years.

Both procedures have the potential for complications, of course. No cosmetic procedure—surgical or otherwise—is completely risk free.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, I would reject the notion hat a Non Surgical Butt Lift is the clear winner here. Both types of procedures have advantages and drawbacks. The trick is aligning those pros and cons with your own desired outcome. If you want big and bold results, then a Brazilian Butt Lift may be your best bet.

But if you’re searching for something a little more subtle (and cheaper), then a Non Surgical Butt Lift might be the way to go. Either way, your surgeon is in a great position to let you know what type of procedure will work best for attaining your transformation. A consultation can answer many of your questions.

Does a non surgical butt lift work? Yes, to a certain extent. And for everything else (almost), there’s a Brazilian Butt Lift.

2 responses to “Does a Non Surgical Butt Lift Work? Can You Get a Non Surgical Butt Lift?

  1. Hi
    I’ve been thinking about getting non surgical butt lift for a while now, but I have got a very flat bum there’s no roundness to it at all so I’m just wondering would it do anything at all for me I’m not looking for anything major I just want a round perky look .
    Thank you.

    1. Your best bet would be to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Most butt lift procedures involve liposuction of some kind, and that’s a surgical procedure.

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