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Summary: We tend to think of plastic surgery procedures as quite static. But the truth is that they’re always changing and moving forward. That’s certainly true of rhinoplasty, which is making headway in the new year.

The State of the Nose Job in 2016

The nose is an important aspect of the face. That’s why rhinoplasty procedures have been exceptionally popular since their introduction. When it’s not the nose you want, your own nose can cause a significant amount of discomfort. Patients often complain that they feel as though the nose is drawing a disproportionate amount of attention. Rather than seeing your face, for example, all someone else sees is your nose. That’s never a fun feeling. Surgeons, therefore, have worked quite hard to be able to give people the noses they want.

But the nose job in 2016 might look a little bit different than you’re used to. Advances in cosmetic surgery and non surgical techniques have meant that cosmetic surgeons are now able to offer a procedure called non surgical rhinoplasty. Traditionally, surgery has been required to make any changes to the nose. As you might imagine, the nose is particularly sensitive, and surgery can be quite painful. Additionally, the human nose isn’t exactly known for its quick healing powers. Recovery from a surgical rhinoplasty can take some time. For many patients, the end results are quite worth this discomfort, but for others, surgery presents a road block.

And that’s the people who non surgical nose job procedures are really designed to help. It’s true that these non surgical rhinoplasty procedures got their start well before 2016, but it’s only this year, I think, that it’s going to make its biggest impact to date. For over a decade now, momentum has been building in terms of the popularity of this non surgical procedure, and that momentum seems to be reaching some kind of critical mass (or, at least, continuing to build) thanks in large part to other non surgical procedures joining the fray.

These days, you can melt away chin fat with Kybella or get rid of belly fat with Coolsculpting. And you can also get a nose job with simple injections. The ability to get all of these procedures done non surgically—now, in 2016—seems to really appeal to a wide variety of potential patients. These patients, for a long while, were left with very few options other than surgery. To be clear, it’s not as though non surgical cosmetic procedures are necessarily going to challenge the dominance of plastic surgery (at least in terms of dollars—Botox already is performed on a much more common basis than any plastic surgery procedure out there).

Surgical vs Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

In fact, it might be useful to take a look at the ways that a non surgical nose job is different from a surgical nose job in 2016. And maybe the best way to do that is to break down exactly what a patient can expect from a surgical vs. a non surgical nose job.

Surgical Nose Job

  • Requires an incision somewhere on the nose (usually between the nostrils)
  • Makes dramatic or bold changes to the nose
  • Can increase or decrease the size of the nose
  • Can change the basic shape of the nose
  • Can improve the function of the nose
  • Requires a significant recovery period
  • Requires a significant commitment to see final results (sometimes as much as twelve months)
  • Yields permanent results

Non Surgical Nose Job

  • Requires no incisions, only injections
  • Can only increase the volume of the nose (though sometimes lack of size can be addressed through the use of changing the proportion of the nose)
  • Can only make subtle changes to the overall shape of the nose, but can mitigate issues such as a droopy tip or bump in the bridge of the nose
  • Cannot improve the function of the nose
  • Cannot change the cartilage structure of the nose
  • Does not require any recovery; patients are able to return to work almost immediately (though it may take a couple of days for bruising to subside should it present)
  • Results are visible immediately

Choosing the One That Makes the Most Sense for You

In some cases, the surgical vs non surgical nose job cost will be the deciding factor for patients. In other cases, it will all come down to the results available. In other words, the great thing about a nose job in 2016 is that there are now options for virtually anyone. And that’s a great thing, because it means that if you want to change your nose, that option is available to you. Getting a nose job in 2016 has never been easier and, frankly, that’s the way it should be.

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