Summary: When you’ve had enough of shaving, waxing, threading, plucking and otherwise removing that pesky body hair, laser hair removal can be the perfect way to free yourself from the monotony longer term.

Aside from the time taken to stay beach-ready, how many times have you gotten to the beach or pool only to realize that you’ve got some kind of accidental leg mohawk going on? Guaranteed to take the shine off a great day! If you’ve decided to take the plunge and go for laser hair removal, your first step will involve choosing a laser center. The question is, how do you pick the best hair removal place? Asking these questions will help you make an informed choice. Afterall just because a one cosmetic surgeon has the first website found on Google when you search “laser hair removal’, it may only be the strength of his or her cosmetic surgery marketing company rather than how qualified the surgeon to perform the procedure.

Do You Focus on Laser Hair Removal?

Choosing a place whose main focus is on laser hair removal is a good way to ensure you’re working with laser technical with plenty of experience and expertise. That’s not to say that laser hair removal should be the only treatment offered, but there should definitely be some emphasis placed on it. Aside from the expertise of the laser technicians themselves, a place dedicated to laser hair removal is more likely to invest in the most up to date and cutting-edge laser technology.

Who Performs Laser Hair Removal?

If you pick a place where the focus is on laser hair removal, you’ll tend to find that the procedure is carried out by certified laser technicians, but don’t shy away from making sure. Laser hair removal may be a non-surgical treatment, but your health and safety should still be high on your list of priorities. If in doubt, pick a different medical spa or laser center. Another indicator of a reputable place is a willingness and ability to answer your laser hair removal questions.

A good laser center will also provide instructions on what to do before and after your laser hair removal, as well as checking your suitability.

What Availability Do You Currently Have for Laser Hair Removal?

Picking an excellent laser center for your laser hair removal comes with its downsides too, including a potentially lengthy waiting time. As you’re likely to need several sessions for all hair in the targeted area(s) to be removed, you may want to pick a place where you can fairly easily book a follow-on appointment. Generally, laser hair removal sessions should be scheduled between 4 and 10 weeks apart for best results. More specifically, facial laser hair removal should be spaced with between 4 and 6 weeks’ gap, while body laser hair removal needs an 8 to 10-week break.

What Laser Hair Removal Technology Do You Use?

It goes without saying, but your best bet for excellent results is working with a laser center where the certified laser technicians are using the most up to date laser technology. This indicates a high level of training and development, as well as allowing to benefit from the latest upgrades in laser hair removal equipment.

If you have particularly light or dark coloring, you might wish to pick someplace that caters specifically for your skin type. Bear in mind that, no matter what laser technology is used, those with very fair hair and skin may not be eligible for laser hair removal, or could find that the results are not quite as comprehensive as you’d hoped for.


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