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Summary: Plastic surgery for your belly button might sound a little… out there. But it’s not like this procedure is particularly new. Indeed, for as long as tummy tucks have been performed, surgeons have worked to provide patients with brand new belly buttons. What’s different now, of course, is just how popular these belly button procedures have become on their own. What’s driving the popularity of this procedure? We take a look below!

The New Trend of Plastic Surgery for Your Belly Button

When it comes to beauty trends, plastic surgery for your belly button might not be the most startling ever. But it’s also not the first thing you’d think of (unless you’ve been researching tummy tucks, that is). There is a significant demand for these procedures, however, and that demand is increasing.

That marks the arrival of plastic surgery for your belly button at a certain cultural turning point. Enough people wanted it to get the procedure some attention. And now that attention is going to turn even more people on to the procedure. It’s a bona fide trend!

So what can belly button surgery actually do? And why would this procedure suddenly get popular? It’s not as though the actual techniques are especially novel. Instead, the rise in popularity of this procedure seems to be fueled mostly by cultural and social changes. That happens surprisingly often when it comes to plastic surgery, simply because no one can accurately predict where the culture will go next. Plastic surgery for your belly button is where that culture has seemed to land today, so let’s take a closer look at that actual procedure.

What Does Plastic Surgery for Your Belly Button Do?

Plastic surgery of the belly button is designed to give patients several options, depending on what kind of result they’re after. That’s not all that different from any other plastic surgery procedure, actually. Different patients require different techniques because everyone wants individualized outcomes. Understandably so!

So here’s what belly button plastic surgery is designed to do:

  • Turn an outtie into an innie: Belly buttons come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But some people can feel self-conscious about the way their belly buttons looks in comparison to others. So there is a measurable demand for a procedure that takes an outtie and make it look a little more like a traditional belly button (an innie).
  • Repairing a damaged belly button: There are any number of life events that might cause damage to your belly button. And that damage can distort the way your belly button looks. Common reasons for this include pregnancy and weight loss. Plastic surgery can make your belly button look more youthful and repair that damage.

Common When Performed with a Tummy Tuck

It’s also worth noting that anybody who gets a tummy tuck is going to get a brand new belly button (essentially). Tummy tuck procedures are designed to eliminate excess skin around the belly area. This is accomplished by removing a portion of that excess skin. The result is a tummy that looks firmer and fitter.

But because of the way that the skin is draped, it is often necessary for surgeons to create a new belly button (or, at least, a new opening for your belly button). This is a relatively routine move for tummy tuck surgeons, and many patients often don’t notice a significant difference. That said, if you’re getting a tummy tuck and you aren’t happy with your belly button, you might be a in a good position to request a change.

Why Do People Get Belly Button Surgery?

All of this raises the question: why do people get belly button surgery? The motivations behind each patient are not terribly different than they might be for any other plastic surgery procedure: people want to look good and feel confident.

So maybe the better question is, what’s driving the sudden popularity in plastic surgery for your belly button? The answer to that question is likely a little more complicated. But I suspect it has something to do with changes in the way we see fitness (and maybe even changes in the way we see fashion).

For example, if crop top shirts are suddenly more popular, your belly button is going to be more visible (assuming you partake in fashion trend). And if your belly button is more visible, you might wish you felt a little more confident in how it looked. And that’s really all this comes down to.

Sculpting Your Body

Additionally, there has been greater acceptance lately in the notion that you can and should be able to “sculpt” your body if you so wish. That means that no part of the body is off limits from a little bit of alteration. And when you have that mindset, something like plastic surgery for your belly button becomes a little less suspicious.

Time will tell whether we see this procedure maintain its popularity for any number of years. Maybe it will be here this summer and gone the next. In either case, we’ll be keeping an eye on plastic surgery for your belly button to see what happens.

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