Summary: So if you’re a group of New Jersey arm lift surgeons, it might seem silly to advertise your procedure in the Winter. People want arm lifts so they can show off their slender look, not so their arms can be covered by sweats all winter. But many people don’t properly plan ahead when it comes to plastic surgery. After all, some results might be pretty immediate, but optimal results almost never are—and recovery periods can be quite extensive. This means that in order to get the best beach-ready body, you have to start planning early. And winter is a great time to start that process, even if it doesn’t feel very beachy out.

Plastic Surgery in Winter? What About the Beach?

Winter is here. And, let’s face it, most of us don’t like winter. There’s the snow, first of all, and the cold second of all. It can be a drag. But winter is definitely good for some things: snowmobiling, ice skating, and, we’ll admit, it can even be pretty once in a while. But there’s another thing that winter can be good for, and we don’t usually think about it this way. Winter can be good for plastic surgery. That seems counter-intuitive, I know. Especially because plastic surgery is so often advertised as a way to make your body “beach-ready” or “bikini-ready.” So why on earth wouldn’t you get plastic surgery done in the summer, when you actually wear that bikini?

It’s all about recovery time. Plastic surgery is great at producing excellent results—but it’s not great at producing immediate results (cosmetic procedures, however, such as Botox and wrinkle treatments can satisfy your urge for instant gratification, but only for a temporary span). This means that, in order to get your body ready for the beach next summer, you’re going to have to start working on it today. While many plastic surgery procedures have an immediate recovery period of 1-3 weeks (sometimes longer, depending on the procedure, of course), that only applies to how long it takes to get you back up on your feet.

Waiting Months to See Your Plastic Surgery Results

But it can take months for swelling to go away and scars to recede. Many patients don’t consider this angle of plastic surgery, and are disappointed when—after scheduling the procedure to take place in May—they may have to wait an entire year to show off their beach-ready body. So winter is the perfect time to have these procedures performed, especially because the hefty layers that many of us have to don are a great way to hide any scars or swelling that might otherwise make you uncomfortable. So, let’s take a look at a few procedures that a great for those winter months.

Tummy Tuck in the Winter

This procedure is one of the great staples of plastic surgery and the plastic surgery world. During a tummy tuck, excess tissue is removed from your belly area, your abdominal muscles are tightened up a bit, and the remaining tissue is smoothed out. It can be a particularly painful procedure, and slight swelling can persist for months. However, it’s a hugely successful procedure, and most patients are thrilled with the results. The scars for this procedure are usually well hidden—under the bikini line, but the swelling can reach up to around the waist. It’s a procedure that is, especially in those early weeks, demanding of a sweatpants wardrobe. By having this procedure done in winter, no one will think twice about those same sweatpants.

Arm lift in the Winter

This procedure is designed to reduce that so-called “batwing” that some people develop in their arms as they age. We’ve never really cared for that term. We think it’s demeaning. But it does effectively communicate the way that some patients feel about their arms—there’s that piece of fatty tissue that just kind of wobbles back there. Arm lifts are designed to eliminate excess skin and fatty tissue and give you the sleek, toned arms you’re looking for. And while this procedure is indeed minimally invasive, there’s usually a small scar associated with it (often located around the arm pit). At any rate, you’ll want to avoid tank tops for the first few weeks to few months after the procedure. Winter provides a great excuse to keep those cozy, long-sleeved sweatshirts handy.

Body Contouring in the Winter

Okay, so we’re kind of cheating on this last one, because body contouring is a catch-all term for many different procedures, from liposuction, to trendy nonsurgical techniques such as CoolSculpting, to big procedures such as lower-body lifts. But, at least with the surgical options, almost all of these procedures require incisions around the waist area. In the case of lower body lifts, the incision is made almost all along the waistline. This can lead to substantial scars. And even though the results are generally fantastic (especially after a substantial weightloss), But hiding those scars (and not wearing anything with a tight waist band) are a must after surgery. So, as with all these other procedures, winter is nice because it lets you wear sweats and because there’s no pressure to, for example, go to the beach (or somewhere else you’d have to take off your shirt or wear a bathing suit).

The (Frozen) Ball is in Your Court

Of course, there are more factors in play quite often than simple weather and wardrobe. But all things being equal, when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s fruitful to plan ahead. You’re going to want to give yourself plenty of time to recover before showing off your results and you’re not going to want to rush the process. Your great results will be there—you just have to be patient about seeing it. Of course, that patience is a lot easier to achieve if there isn’t a lot of pressure to get into a bikini. Thank you, Winter. For that, at least. Not so much for the snow. Please take that back.

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