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Summary: What if we told you that plastic surgery for thin lips is the new thing? It seems kind of hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have set the bar high for what “sexy” lips might look like: plump, full lips. But that doesn’t mean that full, big lips are considered universally attractive.

Why Get Plastic Surgery for Thin Lips?

We’ve certainly been among those to speculate about Kylie Jenner’s possible lip augmentation; but what about plastic surgery for thin lips? When we read that any “thin lip” procedure is gaining traction, it gives us pause. Aren’t thicker, more plump lips what people are after these days? Is that changing?

Well, a little bit. Plastic surgery for thin lips is most popular in Asia—China, South Korea, and so on (after all, Asia is a pretty big place). The “lip thinning” procedure focuses on the upper lips in a way that not only makes the lip look slimmer, but also adds a curve to the lip (think of the shape of a long bow or an elongated “m”).

Now, would Kylie Jenner look better with slimmer lips? That’s tough to say. The way that we look at lips is certainly not universal. So I guess the real answer is something like this: it depends on whom you ask.

How Lip Surgery for Thin Lips Works

According to the latest news reports on the topic, plastic surgery for thin lips works something like this: an incision is made along the upper lip. Once this incision is complete, surgeons will trim away excess skin and rearrange other tissues as necessary. Then, the incision will be closed using stitches (usually the type of biodegradable stitches that take care of themselves after a few weeks, but not always).

Recovery from lip reduction is usually pretty light. Patients are able to return to most activities after a week or so. Of course, the procedure will vary from surgeon to surgeon, country to country, and patient to patient. The end results are usually that curved lip—with significantly less volume.

It should be noted that, as opposed to many procedures designed to increase the volume of the lips, this truly is a plastic surgery procedure. Incisions are involved. Recovery is required. Making your lips appear larger, on the other hand, can be much more simple. For example, injections of specialized dermal fillers can often increase the size of the lips—with no recovery or surgery needed.

Which is Better: Big Lips or Thin Lips?

It’s tempting to try to pit big lips and small lips against each other. Big lips must be better because they’re sexier. Or maybe small lips must be better because they’re more elegant. That kind of adversarialism isn’t particularly helpful when it comes to plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Rather, it’s just another example of plastic surgeons offering a wide variety of options for patients. According to the website of Dr. Mark Bosbous, a Milwaukee plastic surgeon with experience in lip augmentation, these procedures are popular in part because of what lips communicate.

After all, lips are incredibly emotive. That’s why any preference for full lips or thin lips is going to be quite subjective. After all, what is emoted exists within a certain social and cultural framework.

Which Works Better for You?

What’s more productive, I think, is to talk about what works better for you. If you’re thinking about full lips vs. thin lips, you might consider the following:

  • Why do you want to change the shape or size of your lips?
  • What lip size is going to work better for your face and frame?
  • When you emote, how do you use your lips?
  • How long do you want your results to last?
  • Are you comfortable changing the shape of your lips permanently?
  • Ultimately, do you feel more comfortable with larger lips or slimmer lips?

Deciding on a direction will help you determine whether you want big lips or small lips (or something in the middle). At the end of the day, this isn’t all that different from any other plastic surgery procedure. Patients want plastic surgery for thin lips because they feel that their current lips don’t accurately reflect who they are—and plastic surgery is one of the most effective ways to change that!

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