Summary: You might be shocked about Tyra Banks admitting to a plastic surgery procedure. Then again, you might just be wondering, what plastic surgery did Tyra Banks get? We understand that reaction. Banks is renowned for her beauty–and celebrities go to a lot of trouble to make their beauty appear as natural as possible. With Banks admitting to her plastic surgery, it gives a lot of potential plastic surgery patients hope about what’s to come.

What Plastic Surgery Did Tyra Banks Get?

If you’ve seen the world famous model, you might have thought to yourself: what plastic surgery did Tyra Banks get to look so great? It’s not an uncommon thought. Competition among models is fierce, and Banks has a world renowned reputation for being at the top of her field. So there are two fields of thought that usually form when discussing these types of celebrities:

  • Tyra Banks is naturally beautiful; she would never need plastic surgery
  • Tyra Banks is too beautiful to be natural; she definitely had plastic surgery

Both of these perspectives make an awful lot of significant assumptions about Banks–assumptions that could prove to be incorrect. However, in her recent memoir, Perfect is Boring, Banks does make some confessions about her past where plastic surgery is concerned.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Banks is far from the first celebrity to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and be somewhat camera shy about it. For celebrities, there’s a lot riding on these plastic surgery transformations–and that helps explain why they might be a little more sensitive than you or me. So what plastic surgery did Tyra Banks get, specifically?

It’s All in the Nose

According to Banks’s new memoir, Perfect is Boring, she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure. To be fair, this procedure was initially recommended for non-aesthetic reasons. There was some bone growth that was irritating Banks’s nose. But once the surgery was on the table, Banks opted to make it aesthetic as well.

Banks is also pretty adamant about defending her decision. In her eyes (at least according to her book), there isn’t much difference between makeup and something like a nose job. That’s especially true in a competitive industry–but it’s also not untrue for the rest of us.

A rhinoplasty can be a pretty transformative procedure. A small change to the nose can make a pretty significant impact in the rest of the face. That’s because the face is all defined by proportion–and the nose is kind of the anchor that holds everything together. So rhinoplasty can make a big impact, especially for the patient.

Why Do We Care About Tyra Banks’s Rhinoplasty?

This is a good question, and it’s one that I see a lot in regards to celebrity plastic surgery. What’s the big deal? Why should we care about a Tyra Banks nose job? There are a couple of different answers to this question, but I’m going to focus on the one that applies most directly to plastic and cosmetic surgery (those topics are, after all, the central focus of this website).

There are plenty of people out there who want plastic surgery. A nose job is a good example, if only because it’s so popular. But those people who want rhinoplasty are often quite uncertain about that exact same procedure. And that makes sense. When you’ve never undergone a plastic surgery procedure before, you don’t know:

  • What your threshold for pain and discomfort might be
  • How quickly you can heal and return to work
  • When you’ll see the results
  • Whether or not you’ll like the final transformation
  • How much the whole thing might end up costing you
  • How your friends will react

In other words, there’s a lot of uncertainty. When a celebrity admits–openly and proudly, especially–about undergoing a specific plastic surgery procedure, it helps with the uncertainty. It provides an example of what, for example, a rhinoplasty can accomplish. And it shows that there are indeed happy patients out there.

Showing You Can Get Results Only You Will Notice

The second thing that Tyra Banks’s rhinoplasty surgery shows that will be encouraging to potential patients is that mystery remains. Here’s what I mean by that: Banks had her rhinoplasty performed years ago. The results were pleasing to Banks. But they weren’t obvious to everybody.

That’s encouraging for patients who want to make a subtle change but who don’t necessarily want to advertise their interests in plastic surgery. Many plastic surgery patients fall into this category. For most, it’s about making themselves happy–they don’t really care what anyone else necessarily thinks.

In other words, one of the reassuring things about the Banks nose job is that it proves a plastic surgery procedure can really be just for you.

Wishing Happiness

It seems pretty clear that Banks is pleased with her rhinoplasty outcome. That’s good news. That’s, essentially, the hope for all plastic surgery patients, whether they are celebrities or not. At the end of the day, it’s all about making you happier about what you see in the mirror. What plastic surgery did Tyra Banks get? The kind that makes her happy.

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