Summary: Age and plastic surgery have generally gone hand in hand. According to the website of the Minneapolis plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s no minimal or maximum age for many of these procedures—as health is a better indicator of likely success than age. That said, many women have begun rewarding themselves with plastic surgery when they hit their fiftieth birthday. We think plastic surgery when you’re 50 is a great idea, and we’re interested to see where this plastic surgery trend goes from here.

The Milestones of Life

Life is full of milestones. Your eighteenth birthday, and emergence into adulthood, is one. Your twenty-first birthday and, thus, your first (right) exposure to alcohol is another. However, many of these milestones take place so early in life that it’s not really appropriate to celebrate them with plastic surgery (though some women do opt to celebrate an 18th or 21st birthday with breast augmentation procedures). However, a new trend seems to be emerging that combines the significance of a major birthday with a plastic surgery event. It seems that women are celebrating their fiftieth birthdays by getting plastic surgery.

This seems like a pretty good idea, we have to say. Fifty is a great age to get plastic surgery, as it’s a great time to turn back the clock on aging just a bit—plastic surgery when you’re 50 can help you look like you’re 40, and that can help make you look much more youthful. Plastic surgery for younger patients tend to focus on procedures that augment the body rather than turning back the clock (breast augmentation, butt augmentation, and so on). For patients around the age of 50, the emphasis is usually on procedures designed to evoke a more youthful look (facelift procedures, tummy tuck, and so on).

Procedures That Are Great for Plastic Surgery When You’re 50

Although, this isn’t to say that some women aren’t celebrating their fiftieth birthday with a breast augmentation or a butt augmentation procedure. You’re never too old to feel young and sexy, after all. And studies have found that there is no significant increase in risk in cosmetic surgery based solely on age (healthy patients have a bigger impact, of course, and you’ll always want to consult with your plastic surgeon before you sign up for any procedure or another).

This is a growing trend with women who are hitting that 50-year birthday. Part of that is also financial. It is commonly said that your forties are generally your most productive years in terms of how much money you make. This means that the fiftieth birthday is one that is particularly flush with expendable income. As many plastic surgery procedures simply are not covered by insurance and, therefore, can be quite expensive, it does often require a significant source of income in order to get the best results.

Reasons for the Big 5-0

But I think plastic surgery when you’re 50 is getting more popular for a couple of other reasons. First, the fifty year birthday is a great time of renewal. Yes, all of those things that happen to your body as you age are still happening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy your body, find some cause for enthusiasm in that body, and so on. Plastic surgery—even procedures such as breast augmentation and butt augmentation—are a great way to do that.

And, of course, the fiftieth birthday is a time to enjoy life. Your body might not bounce back quite as quickly as it would have when you were twenty, but there are a lot of minimally invasive procedures that can be performed to help you put a youthful bounce back in your step. For example, there are facelift procedures (so called “mini-facelift” procedures) that focus on one area of your face or another to give you an overall younger look.

Happiness and Quality of Life

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic—with a little bit longer of a recovery time—you can try something like a tummy tuck. This procedure is designed to help smooth the tissues around the belly and give your stomach area a younger, more fit look. It’s great if you’ve got excess skin you just haven’t been able to get rid of.

Whatever procedure you decide to go with, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First and foremost, talk to your plastic surgeon before you do anything. Secondly, remember that the age of fifty is a great time to do this—to reward yourself for all that you’ve accomplished and all that you’ve sacrificed. Women who want plastic surgery report a significantly higher quality of life once they actually get that plastic surgery. It’s no surprise, then, that women who celebrate their fiftieth birthday with a tummy tuck or a facelift or a breast augmentation, generally report overall happiness with the way their procedure went and how they feel afterwards.

Then again, there’s no need to wait until you’re fifty. If your birthday is coming up (sometime this year), maybe it’s time to reward yourself and talk to your plastic surgeon.

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