Summary: With the rise in plastic surgery procedures the world over, it might surprise you to know just how popular rhinoplasty for men has become. But nose jobs have caught on lately—and men are a prime audience for it. There are various reasons for this, and it seems to be true across age groups. Millennial men, especially, seem particularly fond of what a nose job can accomplish.

How Popular are Nose Jobs for Men?

If you were to ask how popular is rhinoplasty for men, you’d probably be surprised by the answer. That’s because we’re used to thinking of plastic surgery in a certain way—certainly, it’s marketed much more towards women, so men can seem to be a niche audience. But that assumption wouldn’t necessarily mirror reality. Indeed, men are making up a larger percentage of plastic surgery patients every year.

That’s also true of men who happen to be Millennials. For those of you who don’t know what a “Millennial” is, the term is shorthand for someone who has become an adult during the early 21st century. You’ve probably read a million “Millennials are horrible” articles already—this is not that. But this observation is worth following up on.

Indeed, any time a new group of people is finding utility in plastic surgery, it’s worth finding out what makes a given set of procedures so appealing. That’s why we’re looking at why rhinoplasty is so popular among men—Millennial men specifically.

What Does Rhinoplasty Do?

Known more commonly as a “nose job,” a rhinoplasty is plastic surgery procedure capable of changing the size and shape of the nose. Often, a rhinoplasty will do both. The purpose of the procedure is to address aspects of one’s nose that one is unhappy with. Those “troubling” aspects are often interconnected.

That’s because the face as a whole has a way of eschewing individual components. That is, when you look at someone’s face, you don’t see two eyes, a nose, a mouth, some eyebrows, and a bunch of hair. You see a face.

That’s why any “issues” with the nose can impact the way others—and more importantly the way you–see your entire face. That’s why rhinoplasty is such a versatile procedure. Not only is able to change the way you see your nose, it’s able to change the way you see your face. Rhinoplasty is able to do that by addressing the following:

  • A drooping nose or tip
  • Nostrils that are too large or too small
  • A bridge of the nose that is too flat, too thick, or too crooked
  • Damage caused by a previous injury or trauma, such as a broken nose
  • An overall size that is too large or too small
  • Various other issues

The results of the procedure depend on what you’re trying to accomplish—but there’s little doubt that a substantial impact can be made on how you feel about your nose and your face.

Why is Rhinoplasty Popular with Millennials?

Nose jobs are already pretty popular plastic surgery procedures. So something really has to stand out if we’re going to refer to them as popular with Millennials. After all, that has something to do with how popular rhinoplasty is among men more broadly.

There are a couple of reasons that this procedure is so popular among Millennials. First and foremost, rhinoplasty is sometimes covered by medical insurance. For those Millennials who are slightly more cash strapped, this can be a huge boon to any rhinoplasty dreams that they might have.

But that isn’t the only reason why Rhinoplasty is so popular among Millennials. Other reasons include the following:

  • Social Pressure: Pressure to look good is something that is most often discusses in the context of women—but it’s a growing area of concern for men as well. (To be sure, women still subject to far more pressure—but that’s another article.) That means that many people feel a strong desire to look as close to their own personal “perfect” as they can. This isn’t to say that Millennials want to look good to impress any other person—they want to look good for themselves.
  • Social Media: I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that as a whole Millennials are more strongly plugged into social media than any other generation before them. There’s some compelling research that suggests social media plays a pretty large role in the surge of plastic surgery. It’s hard to ignore the aspects of your nose that you dislike when you see your nose all over Facebook.
  • Changing Stigmas: Social pressure and social media, I think, have combined with something else that’s happened: the way people think about plastic surgery generally—and rhinoplasty specifically. It used to be that plastic surgery was something you had to hide. That you didn’t want people to know about it. But that’s not really true anymore. Most people today—especially young people—see plastic surgery as simply another tool in the toolbox, there to help you achieve the look you’re after.

Getting Your Desired Result

Ultimately, perhaps the most potent reason that rhinoplasty is popular among men is simple: it gets the job done. They like the results. They like the way they look afterwards. And that, in turn, encourages more people to go out and get a nose job. Ultimately, this is the most important barometer of whether a procedure is successful or not: do you like it?

For the vast majority of men (and Millennial men especially) who are looking into rhinoplasty, the answer appears to be yes. A nose job can make significant changes to the nose, and that can enable someone to finally feel comfortable in the way he looks. To find out more about what rhinoplasty might be able to do for you, contact your local plastic surgeon to schedule a confidential consultation.

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