Summary: Lip implants have never been more popular. Last year saw a huge increase in the number of lip injections and lip augmentations performed. But what exactly has caused this increase in lip augmentation procedures? What makes big lips so popular? The answer lies in the cultural moment we find ourselves in as well as in the scientific innovations that have made lip injections a relatively easy to perform procedure.

Explaining the Popularity of Lip Implants

It’s all about the lips these days. In fact, according to the most recent data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (the same group that is responsible for identifying high quality “board certified” plastic surgeons), lip augmentation procedures grew by double digits last year. For any procedure over only one year, that’s a huge increase in popularity. It means that lip augmentations of all kinds are likely growing quickly and it means that big lips are most definitely in.

We’ve previously discussed precisely why big lips seem to be considered attractive. The basic idea is that red, swollen lips are closely associated with sex or with sexual desire. Over time, that look has become a component of our overall social construction of what, exactly, “attractive” looks like. In other words, it’s pretty subjective.

These types of trends tend to come and go. So what’s the best solution if you want bigger, more voluminous lips? Well, as it turns out, there are several “best” solutions—which helps explain the popularity of lip implants.

Why Are Lip Implants Popular?

There are three basic reasons why lip implants and lip injections are popular: They look good, they are easy to get, and they are exceptionally easy to recover from. In other words, they’re quick, easy, and look great. When procedures are also affordable and do not interfere with patients’ lives, they tend to get popular in a hurry.

There’s also something to be said for this particular moment in time; we’re living at a point in which big lips are considered to be quite attractive. That wasn’t always the case, and it likely will change again in the future. But for right here and right now, big lips are a highly sought after look by a wide variety of patients.

How Can You Change Your Lips?

And it’s not like we have control over our lips in any kind of natural way. You can’t use diet and exercise to change the size of your lips. No amount of crunches or push ups are going to make your lips bigger. It’s true, there are cosmetic make-up techniques, such as contouring, that can alter the appearance of your lips—but those techniques can be time consuming and demand significant practice.

Most patients that want a quick and easy lip augmentation usually end up looking at one of two popular lip injection techniques.

Popular Lip Injection Techniques

There are two primary and popular lip injection techniques on the market today. The first is what is known as a fat graft procedure. Fat graft lip injections (sometimes known as fat injections or fat transfer) procedures all start with the same step: liposuction. According to the website of the Newport Beach liposuction experts at the offices of Dr. Tenley Lawton, MD, minimally invasive liposuction procedures can collect enough fat to make this effective.

Once the fat is injected into the lips, it may take several week for the fat to “take” and become stable. However, once this happens, the results are effectively permanent. For patients who want a final result that lasts for a significant amount of time, this is an ideal option.

Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation

The other way that patients can get fuller, pouty-looking lips is with the assistance of a dermal filler. Popular by names such as Juvederm or Restylane, dermal fillers were originally designed to fill volume in the face, and therefore make the skin appear smoother and more youthful.

The same principle applies to your lips. Dermal fillers can increase the volume beneath the lips and, therefore, increase the surface area of those lips. The end result is lips that look bigger, rounder, and sexier. Of course, the results from this will be temporary, lasting only six months or so depending on the type of dermal filler.

For some patients, this is idea—a kind of lip augmentation test drive. If you like the results, you can always schedule regular maintenance injections.

Get the Lips You Want

At the most basic level, lip injections and lip augmentation is popular because more people today want bigger lips than they used to. It doesn’t hurt that these augmented lips are easier to get and quicker to enact than ever before as well. So if you’ve wanted bigger lips, now is a great time to get them.

You’ve got two great options for augmenting your lips: dermal fillers or fat injections. In either case, you’ll likely be getting lips that you love and can’t wait to show off!

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