Summary: Milwaukee plastic surgeons have a well earned reputation for being safe. And this reputation doesn’t exist simply in Milwaukee. Indeed, plastic surgery has never been safer. Unfortunately, as with any successful industry, a kind of black market has popped up around plastic and cosmetic surgery. We cannot emphasize this enough: for your safety and for the best chance at your desired results, avoid the black market at all costs. Any “savings” you might encounter will be paid back in extra medical bills—or worse. The solution is to avoid the black market plastic surgery dangers and stick to the professionals.

Investigating Black Market Plastic Surgery Dangers

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons tend to vaunt the safety of cosmetic surgery. And there’s no doubt that cosmetic procedures tend to be very safe. For that matter, plastic surgery procedures are, for the most part, incredibly safe. And this safety continues to improve over time. Indeed, plastic surgery is one of the safest types of surgery you could undergo, partly because infection is so well controlled and partly because of an emphasis on non-invasive or less invasive style of procedures. And this safety is a good thing. It makes cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery available to a much wider variety of potential patient. In other words, more people can get the plastic surgery they want.

But there’s a downside, and it’s somewhat insidious. Because plastic surgery is much safer these days, there’s a tendency to think of it as risk free. And when people start thinking of it as risk free, safety becomes a much small part of any decision-making process. In other words, it seems more important to get a good value than it does to ensure a safe operating environment. And, frankly, this can lead some people to make very bad decisions—namely, looking for plastic surgery on the black market. Now, this is different than plastic surgery tourism (looking for bargains in foreign areas—but those bargains arise because of inflation, though it has to be said that many of those bargains exist in areas with much less rigorous medical infrastructure and, therefore, can be risky in their own right).

The Safety of Plastic Surgery

Black market plastic surgery is something that originates and exists right here in the good ol’ US of A. But in black market plastic surgery dangers lurk. And this shouldn’t be terribly surprising. These stories are all over the place—for example, the black market “cosmetic surgeon” who used caulking as a dermal filler and gave several women permanent damage (some deaths may have been reported as well). But there are “black market” options for other procedures as well: Botox, for example. It’s not terribly difficult to find someone who will offer Botox at a reduced price.

But with that reduced price, you lose any kind of certainty about what the product being injected into your skin actually is and the qualifications of the person injecting it. Here’s the thing: all of these procedures are incredibly safe—Botox is incredibly safe—but only when conducted by a professional. Botox can actually be somewhat harmful when it’s injected by an amateur or somebody without training.

It would be easy to start talking about how you get what you pay for, and that’s simply how it is. And while that’s true, those type of clichés don’t really get the point across. Because here’s the thing: you undergo cosmetic procedures such as Botox or even a tummy tuck or breast augmentation to look good. You want to look better than you do. In order to get this result, you’re will to undertake a minimal amount of risk. That’s sensible. But when you go to the black market you are increasing not only the risk of bodily harm but also the risk of a botched outcome. So black market plastic surgery dangers aren’t limited to life and limb. They also include your results.

Bad Results are Bad Results, No Matter How Much you Pay

And if you really stop and think about it, bad results completely defeat the purpose of plastic surgery in the first place. If you aren’t going to get good results and your risk of bad things increases, you should walk away from that situation. Luckily, you don’t need the black market.

Botox may not be the least expensive procedure in the world, but costs for this and procedures like this are constantly falling. Botox today is far less expensive than even a year ago. And what’s more, cosmetic and plastic surgeons are usually eager to bring you in as a patient, so it isn’t difficult to find deals and promotions. This is a far more effective way to get the look you want.

Safe Procedures – When Done Properly

And that, by the way, is what we should be focused on—not the black market plastic surgery dangers out there. Plastic and cosmetic procedures are offering ever-novel ways to get the look you desire. Those procedures are becoming less painful and more effective. That’s the real story. And because of this, plastic surgery procedures are more accessible than ever. It’s just a shame that some people feel the need to prey on that success.

Which is a long way of saying that, as long as you go to a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon, you’re sure to get great, safe results from your plastic surgery.

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