Summary:We’re used to thinking of Restylane as a dermal filler—eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles in your face. And it’s been exceptionally good at that for a number of years now, proving to be a popular choice because of the way it moistens and—essentially—moisturizes the skin. But now Restylane is getting into the lip augmentation arena, with its new Restylane Silk product. And it seems to work as well on the lips as it did on the face.

Adding a Little Pop

You always want your lips to pop. It’s why you wear red lipstick. It’s that extra explosion of color that really draws attention to the rest of your face. This might be why lip injections—and injections of dermal fillers in particular—are pretty popular. It’s a great way to give your lips some short-term volume and big time confidence right before a big event, a night out, or job.

And now you have more options. Recently, the U.S. FDA approved a product called Restylane Silk for use in lip augmentations. In other words, the FDA has decided that Restylane Silk, a direct competitor to Prevelle Silk, is a completely safe option for consumers to begin using.

Why Restylane?

Restylane is well known as a dermal filler—or what we might call a liquid facelift option. It’s proven a popular choice for Detroit cosmetic surgery patients. Composed primarily of nonhuman hyaluronic acid-based gel that fills the lines of the face and also adds a bit of moisture to your complexion. The results usually last around six months, but can be noticeable for up to a year. As with many other types of dermal fillers, you’ll need to update your results every six months or so.

The temporary nature of Restylane means that those who use it for lip augmentation purposes can enjoy the easy nature of the procedure (which can usually be performed over a lunch hour) with low-commitment results.

What Does “Silk” Mean?

The type of Restylane injected into the lips—Silk—is not exactly the same as the Restylane you might have injected during a liquid facelift procedure. Rather, the Silk designation means that this version of Restylane has been diluted, usually with water. The watering down of the product means that it generally can be injected more smoothly into your lips, with more refined results. It might not last as long as a normal Restylane treatment, but it works well for the lips.

Get Your Bigger Lips

This means that Restylane Silk is a perfect option if you’re looking to add a little volume to your lips. The temporary nature of the filler means that if you don’t like your new look, you don’t have to stick with it. But if you do like it, you can keep it up. So if you’re interested in big, full lips, have a chat with your cosmetic surgeon and don’t forget to ask about Restylane Silk.

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