Summary: Last year, Rhinoplasty was the 2nd most requested plastic surgery in the country. It was first among the under 18 crowd. Its popularity is growing, and the procedure is becoming more accepted for younger patients. Should you wait to take your nose under the knife, or be a part of the trend early? Some teens would argue the sooner the better.

What it’s All About

In the year 2010, the number one most popular plastic surgery requested by the under 19 demographic was rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which can shape, build, sculpt, and even correct problems with the nose. While some of the rhinoplasty’s performed are definitely for cosmetic purposes, often times the service is requested by those who have breathing problems, a deviated nasal septum, or other health issues.

Teenagers Nose Best

There are several reasons why teenagers are opting for rhinoplasty in Minneapolis today. First and foremost, the nose is the center our face. It is often the first thing we notice if it is not perfect.. The surgery can be used to fix a number of issues, including:

  • Straightening the bridge.
  • Removing a hump.
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of the nostrils.
  • Increasing or decreasing the overall size of the nose.
  • Reshaping the tip
  • Correcting the nose after an injury.
  • Opening breathing passages.

Most popular with teens is altering the size or shape of the overall nose itself. The shape and size of the nose seem to have a significantly more negative effect on self-image than any other physical attribute.

How Young is too Young?

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, alterations to the face and body shouldn’t be made until the area is fully developed. For the nose, this happens in girls around the age of 15 or 16, and it boys it occurs a year later. These estimates are conservative, however, and some doctors will perform the procedure on kids as young as 12. For teenage nasal sculpture, it is a question of realistic expectations. Make sure that the reasons behind the surgery, at any age, are healthy and sound decisions.

Benefits of a Beautiful Nose

Cosmetic surgery can have many benefits. Especially for teenagers whose self-esteem is being developed and challenged during adolescence, correcting issues on the face may have a lasting positive impact and make them more confident, successful adults. While plastic surgery on teens always seems to be considered controversial, doctors today are well equipped and knowledgeable when it comes to working on noses of those of any age- so the risks are really the same across the board.

Make the Change

If you are a person of good health, and are just looking to improve on an area of your face and body, cosmetic surgery is always a viable option. Last year more and more teens went under the knife to achieve more favorable nasal shapes and sizes, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. Speak with a plastic surgeon in your area about what is right for you at your age.

If you plan to move forward with a rhinoplasty procedure be sure to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. The experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery LTD are a experienced and qualified rhinoplasty surgeons.

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