Summary: There have been plastic surgery rumors about Shania Twain and Kaily Lowry circulating around the internet for a few days now. We thought it might be a good time to check in with the likelihood of those rumors being true—or at least see what we can learn about them. Often, these types of celebrity plastic surgery news roundups are used for entertainment purposes only—but we want to teach you something!

Plastic Surgery Rumors About Shania Twain and Kailyn Lowry

It’s time for another one of our plastic surgery rumor roundups. This time we’re looking at the plastic surgery rumors about Shania Twain and Kailyn Lowry. For sure, there’s not much connecting these two women, other than the timing of the rumors and the fact that they’re both, you know, celebrities.

In fact, even the way these rumors started diverges pretty quickly. For Twain, the country music rock star (pun intended), it all started after a guest judging stint on Dancing with the Stars (old media). For Lowry, the Teen Mom 2 star, rumors began to swirl after she posted a selfie to Instagram (new media).

How can we separate fact from fiction and get to the bottom of these rumors? Only be examining the plastic surgery rumors around Shania Twain and Kailyn Lowry themselves.

Let’s Start With Lowry

Kailyn Lowry posted a selfie to her Instagram account—and her followers proceeded to ask questions. Because in this selfie, she looked remarkably different than she did in other pictures. Fans speculated, of course, that Lowry had undergone a cosmetic procedure—whether that meant surgery (such as a rhinoplasty or mini facelift) or injections (such as Botox and Juvederm) was unclear.

Lowry herself later came out and denied the rumors. According to Lowry, her face was heavily “contoured” that day. For those of you who don’t know, contouring refers to a specific make-up technique that is, well, designed to produce dramatic transformations.

Certainly, Lowry’s explanation is quite plausible, especially since she’s been incredibly up front about other plastic surgery procedures she’s received in the past, including:

  • Tummy tuck (part of a whole body transformation)
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (again, part of the same transformative procedure)
  • Neck liposuction
  • Lip fillers and lip augmentation

Clearly, Lowry is no stranger to plastic surgery. And she’s always been quite transparent, so there’s absolutely no reason to doubt that this rumor is just that—devoid of truth.

Shania Twain Rumors

Shania Twain has been a country music icon for as long as I can remember. She’s been in the news for various other reasons lately—most of all that she was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to learn an entirely new way to sing. These days, she has to go through a pretty grueling warm up sequence just to be able to sing.

When she showed up on Dancing with the Stars it was as a guest judge. But apparently, her face looked different enough to warrant some cosmetic surgery rumors. Various gossip columns have speculated that:

  • Twain had Botox injections
  • She also had Juvederm or dermal filler injections
  • Twain underwent laser procedures in order to even out skin tone

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to determine if any of these are, in fact, true. As we saw in Lowry’s case, makeup is entirely capable of creating significant changes and transformations in the face. It wouldn’t be surprising if Twain had a significant amount of makeup on during her appearance.

It could also be that the lighting was off. Or maybe Twain was just having a bad day. It’s hard to tell. And it’s really none of our business if Twain doesn’t want to tell us about it.

Subtle Changes are Hard to Detect

The fact that there are these plastic surgery rumors swirling is a pretty good indicator of one thing: subtle cosmetic procedures are popular for a reason. Even if Twain and Lowry had absolutely no work done, they prove the successes of a subtle approach.

More and more patients are looking to procedure such as Botox, or dermal fillers—or even something cosmetic such as the non surgical nose job—as a way to subtly improve the way they look.

For example, a non surgical nose job vs a traditional nose job is going to create much more subtle results. But that’s the point: you get subtle results, so you feel better about the way you look and no one knows you had any work done.

Living with Rumors and Keeping the Mystery

For celebrities, this subtlety often means that they have to deal with rumor and innuendo. But for everyone else, this subtlety means that you can preserve the mystery of your transformation. In other words, everyone will know you look good—and they don’t need to know how.

In other cases, you might find that no one actually notices your transformation except you. But you’ll likely enjoy an increase in confidence and self-esteem because of it.

Whatever type of result you’re looking for, these rumor roundups are designed to show you what’s possible. That’s true even if, as with these plastic surgery rumors about Shania Twain and Kailyn Lowry, it all turns out to be rumors.

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