Summary: Should you get Botox as a group? That’s a good question, and it’s not one that’s all that easy to answer on a universal scale. For some people, group Botox is going to be a fantastic option–a fun event with your friends. For others, group Botox can feel a lot like peer pressure. Whether it works for you will vary by the individual and by the group.

Should You Get Botox as a Group?

Should you get Botox with a group of people or should you always go on your own to undergo this particular cosmetic surgery procedure? We’ve been getting this question a lot, mainly because Botox parties have become so popular lately. What’s a Botox party, you ask?

Well, you’ll see the notion of Botox parties pop up around special occasions. Weddings are by far the most popular choice, but they aren’t the only one. You could see a Botox party around someone’s birthday, for example–or when your local medical spa is running a particularly appealing discount.

The point is that it’s not uncommon these days for patients to seek out Botox as a group. The size of this group varies wildly–from two to twenty. So the question becomes: is this a good thing? Should you get Botox as a group? Is there any inherent danger in that strategy? For some, it’s definitely more appealing to to seek out this particular injectable treatment in a large group than it would be individually. But you should always consult with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon before undergoing any procedure, including Botox.

The Benefits of Getting Botox in a Group

There are some tangible benefits to undergoing Botox as part of a group (otherwise, these so-called Botox parties would have fizzled out long ago). Now, before we discuss those benefits, it’s worth pointing out that your results likely won’t change whether you undergo Botox as part of a group or find a surgeon individually. But your results won’t be the only benefit of this particular approach.

Some of the benefits of group Botox include:

  • Diminished social pressure. While it’s certainly improved over the years, there can still be some social stigma associated with cosmetic surgery. You likely won’t be quite so worried about that stigma when you’re undergoing Botox with a group of your friends.
  • Better pricing. It might sound somewhat trivial, but undergoing Botox as a group can sometimes save you some money! Some medical spas or cosmetic surgery clinics will give you a “group rate” when you book more than one person at a time.
  • Camaraderie. Sharing an experience with your pals can help strengthen the bonds of friendship between you. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s also true (and important). That’s another reason why Botox parties are so popular among, for example, bridal parties.

The benefits of Botox as a group won’t always apply directly to you. And, of course, the benefits of “group” Botox only apply if you actually want the primary benefits of Botox: the removal of lines and wrinkles.

Drawbacks of Group Botox

Even with all of these benefits, there are sometimes drawbacks to group Botox. To put it simply, the group approach isn’t right for everybody (and to a degree, that’s to be expected). Some of the drawbacks of group Botox might include:

  • Peer pressure. It doesn’t go away when you graduate high school, after all. And having so many people around you undergoing Botox (or getting some other injectable) could make you feel pressured to have a procedure performed as well–even though you don’t really want one.
  • Confusion. You’re with your friends to socialize, after all. So you might not be paying total attention to what’s happening (or the instructions the surgeons are giving you) and that could cause some confusion down the road.

There might be other drawbacks as well–you could feel self-conscious about your lines and wrinkles. Or one of your friends might respond really poorly to the injections–and that could sour the whole experience (although this is relatively uncommon). There could also be some confusion over who’s paying for what, so make sure all of that is clear before you begin.

Not for Everyone, but it Works for Many

To be sure, Botox as a group isn’t for everyone. And you should always do your initial consultation in a one-on-one setting. Whether you go in as a group or individually, you should always ensure that you’re following your own motivations. In other words, you should only undergo a Botox procedure if you want Botox.

I know that seems self evident at first, but it’s important to point out because it’s only when you want Botox that you’ll actually feel benefits from the procedure. When you’re in a group, what you want can sometimes get a little muddy. So even when you do get group Botox, you should take things slow and, well, focus on yourself.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been helping plastic and cosmetic surgeons market their websites for over twenty years. He’s constantly in touch with surgeons to make sure he’s writing about the latest procedures and innovations.

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