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Summary: Lip injections are nothing new, but they are ever increasing in popularity. This is partly due to the fact that celebrities such as Kylie Jenner are not only showing off great results, but discussing how they came about. That said, a lip injection is not without risk, and the same results won’t look great on everyone. We have some tips and tricks that will help you get the lip injection results you’re after—you’ll look great with big lips, but big lips that suite the rest of your face. It’s important to remember, after all, that the features of your face all have to work together.


Kylie Jenner and Her Lips

Kylie Jenner has recently been in the news—okay, that doesn’t narrow it down much, does it? She’s always in the news. Usually, she’s in the news for denying that she had this or that plastic surgery procedure performed. This time, however, she’s in the news for admitting to something. A couple months back, there was a social media craze called “the Kylie Jenner Challenge.” In this challenge, teens (mostly) would put a shot glass to their lips and suck out all the air. The results were usually swollen, bruised lips (indeed, this was an incredibly dangerous challenge, and we wrote about that at the time).

So it should come as no surprise that Kylie Jenner has admitted to having lip injections performed by a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Now, it should quickly be noted that just because the press is reporting this as “plastic surgery” does not make it so. Usually lip injections fall under the umbrella of “cosmetic surgery,” which covers—essentially–all non-invasive approaches to get cosmetic or aesthetic results. Cosmetic surgery, basically, covers procedures such as Botox, laser treatments, injectable fillers, and so on. Anything that involves a scalpel, conversely, is referred to as plastic surgery.

Some Lip Injection Tips and Tricks

So Kylie Jenner is “opening up”—that’s what the tabloids call it, opening up—about her lip injections. That’s good. She should feel okay being open about that kind of thing. She also warns readers to be careful about pumping their lips too full of injectables. And, on this account, we have to agree with her. There are some tricks to making sure you get the perfect lip injections. Those tips and tricks don’t necessarily guarantee you’ll get fantastic results, but they do help push you in that direction. Of course, the final decision is always down to you and your feelings.

So, here are those tips and tricks:

  • Don’t over-inject your lips (or ask your cosmetic surgeon to over-inject): Nothing will ruin your great new look more than lips that have become unrealistically—sometimes comically—plumped. We all know that big lips are in, but they still have to look and feel natural. So make sure your cosmetic surgeon knows that what you’re after is a final result that looks enhanced, but also natural. You can have big lips—just remember that it’s always easier to add a little bit more later than it is to reverse the process (in some cases, the process is not at all reversible).
  • Use the right kind of filler: In most cases, a cosmetic surgeon will decide on the filler that’s best to use—with your input, of course. There are certain fillers that are designed to work specifically for the lips. Restylane Silk, for example, was designed to have incredibly small particles in order to get the finer, more subtle results that yield realistic-looking lips. It’s likely that your cosmetic surgeon will have a filler in mind depending on the look you want—in most cases, it’s wise to trust your cosmetic surgeon in this regard.
  • Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon Wisely: Speaking of your cosmetic surgeons, it’s worth mentioning that getting great lips starts with the first decision you make: where to go. When you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon, be sure to look for someone who has plenty of experience and is willing to show off the results of that experience. That means going to the website of surgeons, looking for galleries, and looking at reviews. In the case of one Los Angeles lip injections cosmetic surgeon, all of those things are supplied on his website. To make that much information is not uncommon, so don’t be afraid to look for it.

An Important Decision

It’s true that lip injections, in general, carry with them far lower risks than other plastic surgery procedures, such as a surgical facelift or breast augmentation. That’s because injections are, of course, non-invasive. But that doesn’t mean that lip injections are a decision that should be made lightly or trivially. In fact, lip injections can be have a huge impact on the way your overall face looks, and it’s important that patients be prepared for that look (in a good way). That said, lip injections are incredibly popular—which means that most people are pretty pleased with the final results.

Your lip injections may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the selection of filler. If you want to maintain your results, you will have to schedule regular maintenance appointments. But if you want bigger lips with no fuss (and in safe conditions), there’s no better way than a lip injection.

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