Summary: There are special considerations for non surgical nose job procedures that patients are better off knowing sooner rather than later. To be sure, these special considerations are relatively minor, especially when compared to surgical procedures such as breast augmentation or facelift. But they’re still worth knowing as you go through your decision-making process. If you’re thinking about getting this procedure, researching some of the special considerations for non surgical nose job can only help!

Some Special Considerations for Non Surgical Nose Job Procedures

Every procedure is going to have unique and special considerations that you’re going to have to balance in some fashion. That’s not unusual. From breast augmentation to facelift, each procedure is going to have unique recovery instructions or specific short term drawbacks that patients need to be familiar with. Special considerations for Non Surgical Nose Job procedures are certainly minimal compared to the surgical rhinoplasty procedure–but they still exist.

I use the words “considerations” pretty loosely, as well. What I really mean is that there are special instructions you might be given or particular intricacies of the procedure you might be surprised by.

I should note, however, that this article is in no way a substitute for a consultation with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. If you’re looking to change the way your nose looks, contact your surgeon for individualized information. This article is meant only to exist for general informational and entertainment purposes–not as any kind of substitute for medical advice. The more you know about special considerations for Non Surgical Nose Job, the better prepared you’ll be for the procedure (and the results).

No Recovery, but be Careful Around Your Nose

The first thing to know about a non surgical nose job is that there’s basically no recovery period. You go in, you get your injections, and you go home. In most cases, you’ll get to enjoy the results immediately, and you’ll be able to admire your nose. Just avoid playing football or rugby for a day or two.

Your surgeon will likely advise you against vigorous exercise. And that’s not necessarily because getting your heart rate up is going to somehow diminish your results. The reason that you’re told that is because your surgeon doesn’t want you engaging in any activities that might result in bumps or nudges (or worse) to your nose.

That’s because the filler injected into your nose needs a little bit of time to set. Usually, that happens with 24-48 hours. To be sure, you should still avoid damage to your nose whenever possible, but the results won’t be quite so dire if it happens after the filler has had a chance to set.

Results Will be Temporary (Unless You Say Otherwise)

The default for Non Surgical Nose Job is to use a hyaluronic acid based filler for the injectable. Now, depending on which filler is employed in the procedure (and there are a few options), your non surgical nose job results will last anywhere between six months and two years. But your results will fade over time.

Patients have two options if they want to keep their results:

  • Maintenance injections: Patients who want to can come in every so often (usually between 12 and 18 months, depending on their injectable of choice) and get their nose job “updated” so that the results do not diminish. This is a very common way to maintain results, as it lets the patient “opt out” if he or she wants their old nose back at any point.
  • Bellafill injections: The other option is for patients to elect to undergo what is essentially a permanent non surgical rhinoplasty. These procedures are performed with Bellafill (which is not a hyaluronic acid based filler). Bellafill is effectively permanent, although the literature is still out on precisely how long it lasts. Patients can usually count on results that will last anywhere between five and fifteen years.

Changes Will be Subtle

It’s incredibly important that patients go into any procedure with realistic expectations. And when it comes to a non surgical nose job, the word of the day in that regard is: subtle. A surgical rhinoplasty procedure can make enormous changes to your nose. But it takes months to recover. With a non surgical nose job, you’re back to work right away. But the results will be relatively subtle.

Now, subtle is not the same thing as invisible. Subtle changes to the nose can be quite powerful, especially because the nose plays such a powerful role in the composition of the face. Subtle changes can finally give you the nose you’ve always wanted. Subtle changes can be incredibly powerful.

Talk With Your Surgeon

To find out what a non surgical nose job can do for you, talk to your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Everybody’s nose is different. So giving universal advice is folly. But being prepared, knowing the special considerations for a non surgical nose job, can help give you an idea if this procedure is a good fit for you.

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