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Summary: These three strange and different plastic surgery procedures are probably new to you. They don’t exactly fit in with the most common plastic and cosmetic techniques that are discussed in the media. However, they still serve an important purpose—and can help patients feel confident in their bodies. That’s really the most important thing. Sure, these three strange procedures aren’t common—but for those who want the results, they’re incredibly important.

A Few Strange and Different Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery can be especially effective in a wide variety of ways. We’re used to thinking about the typical procedures: tummy tuck, breast augmentation, facelift, etc. But these three strange and different plastic surgery procedures might open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.

Let’s be clear, there’s nothing “strange” or “different” about the people who actually want to undergo these procedures. Sometimes what you want to change doesn’t fit neatly into a little box. And luckily, there are plastic surgery procedures for just those occasions.

After all, everyone deserves to feel good about their bodies. These strange and different plastic surgery procedures only seem so because they are uncommon. For someone who could benefit from one of these procedures, it’s a fantastic thing that they exist!

Belly Button Surgery

There are, essentially, two types of belly buttons: innies and outies. Either your belly button forms an indent, or it protrudes slightly. Of course, there is a whole spectrum of belly buttons in between—and there’s no such thing as a “perfect” belly button. But some plastic surgery patients do feel self-conscious about the shape of their own belly buttons.

Now, the belly button itself is kind of a strange artifact of anatomy. It’s created because, well, you can’t keep your umbilical cord forever. So, when you’re born, surgeons remove the umbilical cord and tie off your belly button. The shape of that belly button is often created somewhat randomly, depending on how your body heals.

It’s funny, because belly button alterations are already a component of other plastic surgery procedures. Tummy tuck surgery, for example, often reposition or recreate the belly button as standard procedure.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

We’re used to hearing about breast enhancement procedures, from augmentation to reduction. But we’re less used to hearing about the nipple. And yet, one of the top trending procedures of the year has been nipple reduction surgery.

Now, in most cases, “nipple” refers to the areola—the circle of darkened skin around the nipple proper. In many cases, patients would like to reduce the size of the areola in order to create more desirable proportion of nipple to breast. This proportion can become “off” in the first place for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Pregnancy and nursing can stretch out the breast and, therefore, the areola
  • Significant changes in weight can also impact the size and look of the areola
  • Simple genetics can also have a significant impact

It’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as a “good” or “perfect” areola. People (and their nipples) come in all different shapes and sizes. And that natural human variability is a wonderful thing. But it’s not uncommon for someone to feel self-conscious about his or her nipple.

And that’s why nipple reduction surgery is an excellent thing for those people.

Ear Surgery

Ears are strange little creations. There are all those nooks and crannies. And they can be shaped in so many different permutations. Perhaps because of this variability, there are some significant ways in which ears might stand out. And ears that stand out in such a manner might make someone feel self-conscious.

There are several ways that ear surgery can be performed and several issues that it can address. In some cases, patients want to address the tips of the ears (some patients feel those tips are a bit too pointed). Other patients want to address the flare of the ears—those patients feel as though the ears are too wide.

Patients of ear surgery fall into quite possibly the broadest range of ages of any procedure on this list. It’s really up to the patient to decide whether the ear surgery can make the one feel more confident—or whether it’s better to embrace what makes one unique.

Many Personal Decisions

These strange and different plastic surgery procedures are just as useful and just as valid as any liposuction or tummy tuck. They exist so that a patient can finally embrace his or her self image.

That said, these procedures are not nearly as common as something like a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. In some ways, that’s too bad—because the more people know about a nipple reduction, the more people the procedure might be able to help.

But on the other hand, it’s just kind of important that these procedures exist. They provide an escape window for so many patients—and a way to feel comfortable with the way you look. If you want to know more about what any one of these procedures can do for you, contact a local plastic surgeon to find out.

We might think that these three strange and different plastic surgery procedures sound a bit odd—but your surgeon will know all about them.

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