Summary: Nonsurgical procedures are a great way for people to get results without forcing a long-term commitment. But now there’s a way to get an idea of what you’ll look like before even getting to the nonsurgical procedure stage of things. Recently, cosmetic surgeons have started using a saline injectable to give patients a kind of “test-drive” before the nonsurgical procedure begins. This option will likely give even more people an easy entry point into the world of cosmetic procedures—and lead to even more happy and satisfied customers.

A Popular Option

There’s no denying the popularity of nonsurgical procedures. In fact, it could be argued that Botox has done as much for the cosmetic surgery field as breast augmentation—they’ve both brought in all kinds of patients and given people wonderful results. Botox is particularly important because it introduced the world to the concept of the nonsurgical treatment—the idea that you could get results quickly and without surgery.

The nonsurgical nosejob in California is one of the most popular and prominent of these procedures, and has produced wonderful results for countless patients. The nonsurgical nosejob works by injecting liquid dermal fillers into the nose to craft a shape that is more appealing to the patient. The nonsurgical nosejob does this my adding volume to the nose in strategic places.

Everybody’s Doing It

The success of this procedure is perhaps most easily seen in the proliferation of other nonsurgical procedures—nonsurgical facelift, chin augmentation or cheek augmentation. They’re all available at specialized cosmetic surgical practices and medical spas throughout the country. These procedures work on a similar principle as the nonsurgical nosejob, injecting tissue with dermal fillers. In fact, it’s become so common place that outfits as large as Juvederm have begun advertising on that basis, touting the effectiveness of the injectable in giving you fuller cheeks.

Part of the appeal of nonsurgical procedures, especially those that use wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, is the fact that they are temporary. These injectables are designed in such a way that they are absorbed back into your body within a period of months. (With the notable exception of Artefill, which tends to last much longer.) These procedures do not come with the long term consequences of a surgical procedure. And often patients like that aspect of technique.

But if You’re Not, This Will Help

But now surgeons are taking that “test-drive” approach even further. There’s a new technique that will allow patients to see what their new nose will look like without even committing to the six months or so duration of a nonsurgical nosejob using dermal fillers. And it’s pretty clever.

It uses saline. You may recognize that wonderful, chemical sounding name. It’s basically just salt water, and it’s what doctors will often give you in the form of an I.V. if you’re low on fluids (or blood pressure). But saline also works as injectable—the one reason no one uses it is because it’s absorbed back into your body far too quickly for it to have any long-term (or short term) value as a dermal enhancer.

No Pressure Test Drive

But the duration is perfect for giving you a sneak peak of what your nose will look like with something more permanent under the skin. Of course, there are some drawbacks. Some dermal fillers have a way of changing the way your tissues radiate—giving you a kind of glow. And saline simply can’t reproduce that. Nor will saline give you an idea of how your nose (or cheeks) may feel to the touch, as every dermal filler will give you a slightly different variation on that as well.

That said, it’s still a pretty clever way to give you an idea of what your nose would look like—and a very effective first step into the world of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Some people feel hesitant about a surgical rhinoplasty, and for them we can recommend a nonsurgical nosejob. For those feeling hesitant about a nonsurgical nosejob, we can now recommend a saline “test-drive.”

The same is true of cheek and chin augmentations. There’s an entry point for you no matter what procedure you’re considering.

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