Summary: You may not associate sunless tanning with cosmetic surgery… yet. There are some amazing clinics that offer great non-surgical procedures and also leave you with a gorgeous glow.

Sunless and Non-Surgical

Most people don’t associate sunless tanning with plastic surgery, but some surgeons do offer everything you need to look amazing. The folks at Carillon Clinic in Minneapolis understand that looking great doesn’t always have to require complex surgery. A nice, healthy glow can enhance your other cosmetic procedures, and give you a total body makeover in just a matter of minutes.

Professional Resource: If you’re interested to learn more about sunless tanning, we suggest consulting Carillon Clinic.

The Scoop on Going Sunless

A plastic surgery clinic doesn’t seem like the first place to go for spray-tanning, but give it a chance: the same doctor who pays meticulous attention when fixing your flaws also is available for your skin. Just like how you don’t want to undergo bad cosmetic surgery, you certainly do not want to get an orange, fake sunless tan. The experts at Carillon Clinic know what they are doing and use a custom spray tanning system that is one-on-one, administered by a professional sunless technician.

Benefits of Custom Tanning

When a sunless technician tans you, you know that you will be getting the smoothest, most even tan possible. Other benefits of a custom spray tan include:

  • Making sure the color is just right. Most generic spray tanning booths turn you orange because of their “one color fits all” attitude.
  • A custom tan technician can contour your body with the tanning solution in order to make you look leaner and more defined. It literally is just like any other form of non-surgical cosmetic surgery!
  • Sunless tanning is a lot better for your skin that traditional tanning beds and especially the sun. There is no link between sunless tanning and skin cancer, and it doesn’t make you look aged- if anything, it makes you look younger!

While a cosmetic surgeons’ clinic may not be the first place you think to go for your Minneapolis sunless tan, think about the benefits of having a professional apply your glow. These products can last up to 5-7 days and give you gorgeous shimmering skin just in time for any event! The technician will make sure that you get the exact shade that you wish for, without making you look wrinkled or old like long hours in the sun can do. Who knows, while you’re there you may also inquire about their other cosmetic procedures!

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