Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the country, and now there’s a procedure that promises to increase breasts by one cup size without surgery. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe has pioneered the concept of temporary breast augmentation via simple injection.

Women who want to increase their breasts for a special event or vacation can have saline solution injected directly into breast tissue in order to achieve “vacation breasts.” The effect currently lasts about 24 hours and is marketed as an option for those who want to test-drive a larger breast size. Dr. Rowe is currently working on an improved solution that will make temporary breasts last for up to three weeks.

Safety Concerns

When something sounds too good to be true, it generally is. Because “vacation breasts” are new, there haven’t been any studies done to evaluate their safety, and Dr. Rowe hasn’t disclosed the exact ingredients in his secret sauce. As with any invasive procedure, such as when a foreign substance is injected into the body, there can be risk of infection or bleeding. Scar tissue, breast pain or interference with mammograms could be additional possible side effects of vacation breasts.

A Hefty Price Tag

The current price tag of one injection ranges from $2500 to $3500. Breast augmentation surgery varies in cost depending upon surgeon, location and implant type, with charges ranging from about $2700 to over $10,000. When given the choice between paying beaucoup buck for flash-in-the-pan enhancement versus investing in long-term assets, most women would rather play it safe with their money.

Beware That Sinking Feeling

Vacation breasts are designed to last up to 24 hours, but the saline solution can actually begin to be reabsorbed into the body as soon as one to two hours after the injection. This is bad news for women who were hoping to impress with their new breasts at a special affair, as the effect may have diminished or disappeared before the big event. Or worse, breasts may appear asymmetrical as a result of saline being reabsorbed at differing rates.

Visualize Change

Dr. Rowe initially planned to use the saline injection to help women ‘try on’ breast augmentation before taking the plunge and committing to the real deal. However, many cosmetic surgeons are able to offer patients a chance to see how they’d look with implants without the risks and costs of vacation breasts. Some surgeons offer sophisticated 3D imaging to help women envision enhanced assets. Prospective patients can also wear sizers in their bras to get an accurate sense of how they’d look after breast augmentation. Most importantly, a skilled breast augmentation surgeon can predict your final outcome with surprising accuracy given that you clearly communicate your goals.

A Cure for Commitment Issues

Women who want to look especially good for a special event but aren’t ready to have breast augmentation surgery are better off investing in a bra or dress that increases cleavage or enhances their natural assets.

In contrast to vacation breasts, traditional breast augmentation has been practiced and refined over many decades. Women who opt for breast implants have the benefit of countless studies ensuring the procedure’s safety and clinical regulations ensuring that surgeons follow best practices. For an optimal outcome, women undergoing breast augmentation should work with a cosmetic surgeon who has ample experience performing the surgery.

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