Summary: Yet again, there’s a celebrity in the gossip columns under suspicion of getting multiple plastic surgery procedures. This seems to be a common occurrence, but at least it gives us a chance to talk about some procedures that we’re quite fond of. In fact, there are ways to get a subtle nose job without having to rely on surgery. And that’s something that really is worth talking about.

Did Celebrity Get a Subtle Nose Job?

An interesting thing happens, sometimes when celebrities admit to having undergone plastic surgery. It’s not enough. The rumor mills, while they may accept that this celebrity or that celebrity got this procedure or that procedure, seem to find it impossible to believe that same person could stop after just one procedure. This happened with Iggy Azalea, who admitted having a breast augmentation pretty openly and then was grilled about a rumored rhinoplasty. Of course, in that case, Azalea did indeed admit having a nose job done. But that’s not the point. The point is that the rumor mills always seem to swirl again and again, regardless of the merit of the rumors themselves.

The latest example of this is a set of rumors concerning Melissa Gorga, a reality tv-star who recently admitted to having a breast augmentation. If this sounds familiar, you’re beginning to pick up on why I used Azalea as an example earlier. This is the same basic pattern: admitting to a breast augmentation procedure and then rumors begin to surface that a rhinoplasty has been performed. To be fair, the rumors about Gorga are basically saying that she had two “nose procedures” performed and that she, apparently, got the second one for free.

Learning About Non Surgical Nose Jobs

We’ll begin with our usual disclaimer: this really isn’t any of our business. If Gorga wants to come out and discuss any procedures she’s had done, that’s her prerogative. But we don’t like being in the business of prying. What we can do is, more or less, hold her up as an example. If Gorga indeed had a nose procedure performed, it was likely designed to produce only subtle results. And there’s some value in discussing those subtle results. For some people, a huge change to the nose is desired—but for others, it’s nice when people don’t necessarily notice your rhinoplasty procedure.

One way to get subtle results is actually to eschew surgery altogether. There’s a procedure developed in Los Angeles known as the non surgical nose job. During this procedure, dermal fillers are injected into the nose, adding volume and changing the overall shape. The results are usually quite subtle—but also quite effective. Non surgical rhinoplasty procedures offer patients a quick and effective way to get the results they’re after without needing surgery, necessarily. The procedure is quick and the results are immediate. For those reasons (and the fact that patients get to avoid a painful recovery period altogether), non surgical rhinoplasty procedures are quite popular.

Non Surgical Revision

These non surgical procedures are also quite popular as a solution to revision rhinoplasty procedures. Here’s what I mean by that: with a surgical rhinoplasty, things don’t always go according to plan. The nose is itself a complex piece of anatomy. It’s not difficult for a small issue during surgery to turn into a larger issue once recovery is complete. Rather than investing in a second surgery, many patients will turn to non surgical revision rhinoplasty, a procedure that uses dermal filler injections to correct the shape of the nose.

Revision rhinoplasty carries with it a significant amount of advantages. First and foremost, the results are instant. The patient can see in those moments whether the results have been improved. This means that if the patient is unsatisfied, more work can immediately be done. The other advantage is that there is no painful recovery period. Rhinoplasty, in particular, can be a relatively sensitive plastic surgery procedure, and the recovery can be quite painful. Non surgical revision rhinoplasty helps patients who have been made a little gun-shy thanks to their first surgical experience. They can still have the nose they want without the need for surgery.

A Great New Nose

It’s quite possible this was the second, “free” nose procedure that Gorga is reported to have gotten (I have no evidence of this, of course, and I don’t want to add to the rumor mill—I just want to state that it’s possible). And we should probably keep these possibilities in mind before lighting the fires and getting the pitchforks. Thankfully, these rumors have given us the chance to talk about non surgical rhinoplasty procedures—and these procedures have been a tremendous help to a wide variety of patients.

So if you’re having issues with your nose and you want a simple—but subtle—fix, you can talk to your plastic or cosmetic surgeon about non surgical rhinoplasty. It may sound like a fad, but this procedure has proven its worth to patients again and again. Your transformation could be just around the corner.

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