Summary: We’re used to thinking of liposuction as a cosmetic procedure, but there are some cases where it has more medical applications. In some cases, liposuction is used to treat a condition called lipedema—though not without thought and risk (as incorrect use of liposuction can make the problems worse). That said, many patients are looking for liposuction for thick legs, such as that performed by various Clear Lake TX plastic surgery centers, for cosmetic reasons—and as of now that’s something that plastic surgeons are happy to provide. Indeed, liposuction isn’t just for the belly area anymore.

Growing Popularity of Liposuction for Thick Legs

Liposuction is generally the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States year after year. People love the idea of getting rid of fat. Now, contrary to popular (and incorrect belief), liposuction is not a tool intended for massive weight loss. You would need to turn to bariatric surgery of some kind to accomplish that goal. However, liposuction is great at getting those little pockets of fat. In most cases, it’s usually reserved for people who have small areas of fat that seem to be immune from exercise and diet. Getting rid of these small pockets of fat can give people greater confidence, better quality of life, and generally make them feel better about their own bodies.

But there’s was recently a news story about a woman who liposuction was much more important to. This woman, named Jasna Tursic, recently spoke with Fox News about her condition, which is called lipedema. Lipedema, basically, is a condition in which the body stores too much fat in certain areas—usually in the legs. This condition predominantly affects women, and it can be incredibly painful. The fat that builds up in the legs, as was the case for Tursic, can be tender and impact mobility. In fact, Tursic’s doctors expected her to eventually end up in a wheel chair. Luckily, she had access to a liposuction procedure that could—along with improved diet an exercise—improve her situation.

Liposuction to Treat Lipedema

But even that wasn’t without complications. Liposuction of the legs can be very tricky, because if the procedure is performed incorrectly, it can damage the very lymphatic system causing the patient’s symptoms. In other words, many plastic surgeons were concerned about inadvertently making Tursic’s symptoms worse. This is an understandable concern—but it’s worth noting that, in this case, Tursic found a plastic surgeon that was able to perform the procedure. Today, she’s happier and has significantly less pain.

It’s worth noting that, while Tursic’s plight was rather extreme—and it’s worth investing in more and better techniques for treating lipedema with liposuction (to eliminate some of the risk)—she’s certainly not alone in wanting to use liposuction to slim her legs. Yes, liposuction for thick legs has become quite the popular procedure. But there are, of course, complications. Liposuction is, after all, a pretty intense procedure, and it can take a while to fully recover from your surgery—a number of months, in fact.

Getting Liposuction for Slimmer Legs

It’s also worth noting that using liposuction to get a “thigh gap” look isn’t necessarily a good use of the procedure either, as the thigh gap is generally considered to be somewhat unhealthy. (That said, we’re not here to judge.)

Instead, many women use liposuction to get slimmer legs and slimmer calves. Many speculate that the emphasis on slimmer calves is because a good deal of women want to fit into calf-high boots that fashion designers are making thinner and thinner every year (the trendiest, hottest boots are apparently quite skinny in construction and not conducive to larger thighs). The difficulty with this technique is that calves are usually quite muscular, and liposuction only works on fatty tissues. In other words, if you’ve got a muscular calf, this procedure simply isn’t going to work for you.

Get the Legs You’ve Always Wanted

Whatever the reasons behind wanting liposuction for thick legs, the appeal of slimmer legs is difficult to ignore. Many women report higher quality of life, more self-esteem, and higher confidence after liposuction procedures. So this story is a nice reminder that liposuction is useful for more than simply eliminating unwanted belly fat. Indeed, liposuction can be used all over the body (some men and women use liposuction not only around the waste but in the arms or around the neck and chin area as well).

After all, liposuction can be a life changing surgery. It certainly was for Tursic. But it’s also life changing for a wide variety of other patients who consider liposuction for many different reasons. When you go in for liposuction, you should, as always, make sure that you’re ready for the recovery that will come from it. This will be particularly relevant if you’re having liposuction on your legs. It’s completely possible that your mobility will be affected, at least for a couple of days. This will make activities that involve you needing to get around problematic. On the other hand, that’s probably not such a bad thing, as you’re going to need sufficient time for rest and recovery.

Liposuction is a procedure that will remain incredibly popular, and that shouldn’t be a huge surprise. What is certainly worthy of our attention, however, is the way that plastic surgeons continue to find new ways to improve the lives of their patients.

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