Summary: It’s odd that a celebrity can’t find a Los Angeles non surgical rhinoplasty doctor in peace, but apparently, millions of people keep their plastic surgery a secret from their spouses. It’s, evidently, a new kind of infidelity (hot on the heels of Netflix infidelity). We’re not sure we can recommend this kind of non-open approach, but we also know that we can’t stop everyone. So we’ve been thinking about some safer ways you might be able to achieve your desired look and keep it on the down low but, and this is important, not risk your results through a secret recovery process.

Cosmetic Surgery and Marriage

In the typical picture of a perfect marriage, information flows smoothly both ways, from spouse to spouse. And, of course, this goes on for ever and ever—a perfect partnership—until the end of time. At least, that’s how the storybook goes. Real life is a little bit different, and not only do good relationships depend on communication, but they also depend on compromise. That’s what makes a new finding in the world of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery so interesting. According to one plastic surgeon who surveyed her patients, nearly a third of those patients receive the procedures without his or her spouse knowing about it.

This seems problematic to me. Yes, there’s plenty of research that says men are not particularly good at noticing changes in their significant others. And yes, some plastic surgeries aim at making someone look younger—an illusion that may be more effective if you keep secret how you attain that illusion. But plastic surgery can be an intense process, and the procedure itself can leave bruising and scarring. Sometimes, it can take weeks for that bruising to diminish. I’m not quite sure how you would keep that from a spouse, especially because many procedures require that you refrain from using make-up for extended periods of time. It just does not feel safe to hide your recovery from surgery from what should be your closes support group.

Safer Ways to Achieve Your Cosmetic Surgery Infidelity

However, if you’re looking for a way to achieve a more youthful visage and you don’t want your spouse finding out about it, there are some, perhaps, safer ways to achieve that result. Indeed, the best way to give your face a little jolt of youth without anyone knowing is through a class of procedures normally categorized as injectables. We all know that Botox is a great way to take some years off your face—and Botox is pretty darn safe because it’s injected into the skin. No surgery is necessary.

Non surgical options give you the best way to “mysteriously” take a few years off your face. And there are myriad options. First, let’s talk about Botox. Among the most popular injectables ever created, Botox works by targeting those muscles most responsible for stubborn wrinkles. We’re talking wrinkles caused by excessive frowning here (not just frowning—any consistent muscle movement can cause wrinkles over time). Essentially, the muscle gets stuck in a “contracted” position, causing a permanent wrinkle. Botox works by paralyzing that muscle, forcing it to relax, and making your face look younger by virtue of not having that angry wrinkle there.

But it could be that muscles don’t have much to do with your less than youthful appearance. Skin can lose elasticity over time—and much of that loss comes in the form of looser skin, less volume, and more pronounced wrinkles. A class of injectables called dermal fillers—among which you will find brands such as Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and Restylane—have all been specially formulated to combat and soften deep wrinkles. The end result is that your skin looks fuller and your face looks a bit more youthful.

Of course, maybe looking more youthful isn’t your primary concern. Maybe you really want to change your appearance. These procedures used to be the sole domain of plastic surgery, but cosmetic procedures are making headway in this regard. Among the most famous of these non surgical cosmetic procedures is something called a Non Surgical Nose Job, or non surgical rhinoplasty. During this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will inject a dermal filler into your nose, and sculpt the filler to give you a new look in line with your desired results. If you simply want a more defined bridge, that works. If you want better proportion, that can happen too. (If you want less volume in your nose, that gets a bit more problematic.)

Injectables Get Results in Moments

Because they amount to little more than a few injections (after consultation time, of course), these procedures can generally be accomplished in as little as thirty minutes (though, sometimes it takes up to an hour). The point is that, given the ease of these procedures, you don’t have to wait for your husband or wife to go out of town for a week to schedule a surgery. You can slip in and out during a lunch break. Even better, the recovery for these procedures is relatively simple: don’t rub the area, don’t wear make up, and you’ll be good to go in a couple of days. This doesn’t mean that injectables are completely risk free—but relative to the risks involved in surgery, they’re a much safer option, especially if you have to hide it from your significant other.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery to Take Seriously

I suppose I’ll close by saying that under no circumstances are we in favor of this new kind infidelity in cosmetic surgery. If everything were up to us, transparency would win the day. But we also know that we aren’t exactly your parents, and a little scolding from us isn’t necessarily going to change the way you do things. Rather, we’re hoping that you’ll pursue your infidelity in as safe a way as possible, as responsibly as possible, and as openly as possible. If, for example, you want to keep your injection secret, tell your cosmetic surgeon so that he or she can stress the important aspects of recovery and when, if at all, secrecy might be a really, really bad idea. In the end, your cosmetic surgeon will be giving you recovery instructions not only to protect your results, but to protect you as well.

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