Summary: Nonsurgical cosmetic surgery is no stranger to trendy new options. Today’s contribution is the vacation breast implant. It makes sense: getting a breast implants in Minneapolis during that harsh winter doesn’t really let you show off your cleavage. So, you get a vacation breast implant—a saline injection that gives you temporarily larger breasts but results which fade in a few days. Cosmetic surgeons are working on a technique to improve the longevity of the results, but it’s not immediately clear whether this will be a viable competitor to the results achieved with traditional breast augmentation.

Want to Get Away?

The vacation breast implant craze has been making the news rounds lately. We’ve posted recently on the basics of the procedure, also known as the nonsurgical breast augmentation or a “test-drive” breast augmentation. Essentially, saline is injected into the breast, usually into that pocket between muscle tissue and the fatty breast tissue. Injecting saline—essentially, salt water—is a relatively harmless way to give the appearance of breast augmentation surgery having been performed. The catch, of course, is that saline is the same substance doctors give patients intravenously when medical conditions cause lack of fluids. Essentially, saline is easily absorbed back into the body.

So while the nonsurgical breast augmentation might look great—it will currently only look great for roughly 24 hours. To be sure, cosmetic surgeons are working on methods to increase this span, and they will likely use other dermal fillers to accomplish that task. But the three-week temporary breast augmentation might be a ways off, as there will be significant FDA trials to ensure that the procedure is safe.

A Little on the Media and a Lot About Attitudes

The media reaction to the vacation breast implant has been interesting, however. That there is demand for such a procedure is indisputable. The popularity of procedures such as nonsurgical rhinoplasty and nonsurgical facelifts show that patients are keen on temporary procedures that do not require the prolonged recovery of surgery. Yet, there’s a distinct double standard in the way these procedures are reported, with a nonsurgical breast augmentation being relegated to some kind of frivolous or “what will they think of next?” category.

But nonsurgical breast augmentation is popular for the same reason nonsurgical rhinoplasty is popular: patients want results but they don’t want pain. The saline injection also allows for a “test-drive” of the size, so women can decide whether they are comfortable with bigger or smaller sized breasts.

Innovation for Better Options

And it’s not as though innovation in the field of breast augmentation is anything new. There are a wide variety of breast augmentation techniques—more if you lump in breast lifts as a breast enhancement procedure. From the placement of the implant to the implant type (saline, silicone, even fat and other tissue), to the method of insertion of the implant (resulting in scar placement), many of these innovations developed because of a demand on the part of the patients, so while there are many choices, there are also many options—and those options allow women to be more selective and more personal in the breasts that they have in the end.

It’s worth noting that while the “vacation” breast augmentation may in theory seem like an excellent choice for a temporary lift, there are some drawbacks. First and foremost, while the procedure is relatively safe, it should still be approached with the same caution and mindset for safety that every nonsurgical cosmetic procedure currently enlists. That is, treat it seriously. Complications are exceptionally rare, but they are not impossible.

Nonsurgical Drawbacks

The other drawback is a kind of cost benefit analysis. There is little doubt that the vacation breast augmentation will, especially immediately, be quite an expensive procedure. As more competition drives down price, there’s still no guarantee that the vacation breast implant will suddenly become affordable. And, of course, by design, whatever money you invest in your vacation breast implants will disappear after three weeks or so.

To be sure, there’s likely to be a vast difference between the cost of the two procedures. But traditional breast augmentation often lasts for a number of decades—if not longer. According to the website of experts on breast implants in Minneapolis, most implants have an expected lifespan of over twenty years, especially if they are constructed from silicone rather than saline (which has a slightly shorter life span). That said, it’s not uncommon for implants to outlive those dates prescribed to it by the FDA.

Enhancing Your Body to Enhance Your Life

In the end, these procedures are largely about helping women get the final results they want. However that is best accomplished—whether it’s silicone implants or another type of nonsurgical procedure—plastic surgeons will be committed to getting as close as possible to the desired results of the patient in question. Luckily, when it comes to breast enhancement and breast augmentation, there are options enough for every type of woman, no matter how much the media might mock one attempt or another.

And this mocking is a shame, if only because breast augmentation in general has been shown to have so many clear benefits for those women who want to pursue the option. On the plastic surgery social media site Real Self, breast augmentation rates in the high 90’s when it comes to satisfaction rating. Other studies have indicated that breast augmentation can lead to higher self esteem, higher quality of life, and even a more fulfilling sex life. This doesn’t mean that every woman should get a breast augmentation—but it means that those who want one and get one tend to experience a wide array of benefits beyond a bigger bust. And those are the benefits that last the longest. Those are the benefits that can last a lifetime.

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