Summary: Recently, ABC News asked Modern Family star Julie Bowden for her thoughts on plastic surgery. This seems like a bizarre question—why should she have thoughts on plastic surgery, after all. But her answer to the question was certainly enlightening, short and sweet though it was. Her words illustrate how we think about cosmetic procedures and when we think it might be time for them. Whether it’s a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, we often go into these procedures for strikingly similar reasons—we’re looking for a solution to our problems.

A Modern Question

For whatever reason, celebrities are often asked for their opinions on plastic surgery. This is somewhat perplexing, as plastic surgery isn’t something we’d ask our next door neighbors about—even if we saw ample evidence of its use—so it seems odd that it’s a question we’d ask to complete strangers. Granted, the American public’s relationship with celebrity has always been a little off kilter, so maybe this shouldn’t be terribly surprising after all. What seems even more perplexing is the notion that even when a celebrity hasn’t had plastic surgery, the opinion still gets reported in various media outlets.

A Modern Answer

For example, recently Modern Family star Julie Bowden was asked about the likelihood of a future pursuit of plastic surgery on herself. Essentially, she told ABC News that while she’s not ruling it out, it’s also not something she’s currently pursuing. Now, it’s probably pretty easy to gripe about how this doesn’t seem like news, but I think it’s more important to talk about why this doesn’t seem like news: it’s basically the standing position of most everyone who has ever thought about plastic surgery.

Why Get a Breast Augmentation in NJ? Do We Plan, or Do We React?

There are some women who, from the age of eighteen, have nothing but a breast augmentation in mind. Of course, according to the website of the experts about breast augmentation in NJ at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, one should always wait until the breasts have finished developing before thinking too seriously about any type of breast procedure. The point is, there are certainly those who have a targeted procedure: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and so on.

But I’m not convinced that’s how the vast majority of women (and men) view plastic surgery procedures. Rather, I think a great many plastic surgery procedures come about in response to the daily effects of aging. Let me put it this way: I think many women start considering tummy tuck procedures only after a combination of life and aging have made the belly a cause for concern, whether because of weight loss or child birth. The same is true of a procedure such as a breast lift—women begin to consider this procedure only after a significant amount of stress has been put on their breasts, causing sagging tissue in the first place.

Plastic Surgery as Solution

And I think that’s how plastic surgery works for most people. So, it’s not entirely surprising that someone would adopt a kind of wait-and-see approach to cosmetic procedures. Again, this isn’t the approach that everyone takes—there are certainly fans of lip injections who just can’t wait to sort of augment themselves with that procedure and will look forward to getting that lip injection in the future.

But there’s no denying that cosmetic procedures are very reactionary in their nature. Even for procedures such as breast augmentation or butt augmentation, a woman must first see that area of their body as an area to be improved—that is, an area that is lacking. And that kind of perspective only develops when certain pressures and desires are present. It’s in that way that plastic surgery is often pitched as a solution to a given set of possible problems. And I guess that’s what I’m getting at: most people look at plastic or cosmetic surgery as a solution. And we can’t know whether we’ll need a solution until a problem shows up.

We All Have Problems

Asking a celebrity, then, how she feels about plastic surgery is essentially saying, “have you found any problems yet?” If you look at it this way, it’s not necessarily a polite question. On the other hand, it is an acknowledgment that all of us—even celebrities—develop “problems” as we age. It’s just part of the natural process of getting older. The question has never been how to stop aging, it’s always been how to hide aging—and looking at aging as a problem suggests you want a solution to hide it.

So if you see those wrinkles in the mirror or that bit of extra padding around your stomach as a problem, cosmetic procedures are here to provide a solution. And that goes for everyone—even celebrities.

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