Summary: Breast augmentation is a complicated procedure and it’s one that should be pursued with diligent thoughtfulness. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. These three questions to ask about your breast augmentation procedure can be that starting point.

Looking at Three Questions to Ask About Your Breast Augmentation

You want bigger boobs. Let’s start there. It’s not as though you can increase your bust size (reliably) through exercise or diet options. You don’t really have any control over how large your breasts are. So what can you do? Well, you can employ the services of a plastic surgeon. But first, there are three questions to ask about your breast augmentation before you get started.

These are questions that you should ask not only of your surgeon but also of yourself. Okay, I’ll be a little less cryptic: some of these questions you’ll need to ask your surgeon. Other questions you’ll need to think about on your own. Either way, the idea is that these are good questions to ask before you go through with anything.

After all, for better or worse, a breast augmentation is an effectively permanent plastic surgery procedure. Your implants might be in for decades. Some thought beforehand is certainly warranted.

What Are Your Family Plans?

Do you want to have a family? And do you plan on growing that family through the means of, well, getting pregnant? The answers to these questions might inform when you want to get your breast augmentation procedure performed, if only because the procedure might affect your ability to express milk.

Now, that’s not always going to be the case. There are plenty of breast augmentation techniques that can (in most cases) preserve the ability of a mother to express milk when the time comes. If you plan on having children in the future, you should definitely talk to your surgeon about the best way to proceed.

But there’s another thing to consider with this. Having children will, undoubtedly, change your body—and that means that your breast augmentation results could be compromised. Again, it’s not something that should necessarily make you delay your procedure, but it is something to talk to your surgeon about.

What is Your Preferred Size and Shape?

So, this is definitely a question to ask yourself. What do you want to look like? How do you want to accomplish it? What do you want your end result to be? These are important questions and will inform a great deal of your procedure. You’ll need to select the following:

  • Size: There are a wide variety of sizes available. If you are correcting for asymmetrical breasts, you may want different sizes. You may simply want your breasts to be larger. Having an idea of how large you want the end product to be will let the surgeon determine the volume of your implants.
  • Type: What type of implant you get will have some bearing on your final look. According to the website of the Milwaukee breast augmentation expert Dr. Mark Bosbous, silicone implants are currently the most popular among patients and surgeons—so that might be a good place to start.
  • Shape: Believe it or not, breast implants will come in different shapes. Your surgeon will probably have some ideas on the best shape for your desired outcome. There may be some medical issues when it comes to the best shape as well, so getting your surgeon’s input is the best move.

How Long is Recovery?

With any plastic surgery procedure you have, there’s going to be a recovery time. Plastic surgery, after all, takes a toll on your body, and it can take you some time to bounce back. With breast augmentation, there will be swelling and bruising—and some discomfort.

It will likely take you some time to bounce back from that. Depending on the nature of your breast augmentation procedure, you might be off your feet for anywhere between three to five days. It’s important to ask your surgeon about this.

In fact, knowing how long you’ll need to recover can help you plan and stay comfortable for as long as you need! Your surgeon should be able to give you relatively accurate information on your recovery.

Get the Information You Need from Reliable Sources

Whether you answer your own questions or let the surgeon do the talking, it’s important to find reliable sources for this information. In most cases, no one will know more about you and your case than your surgeon. But it definitely never hurts to seek out a second opinion.

In any case, knowing what questions to ask is half the battle. These three questions to ask before your breast augmentation are not the end of your research, of course—but hopefully they can provide something of the beginning.

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